Where is the Power Button On Samsung TV?

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Samsung releases almost half a dozen new TV sets on the market every year. With a new Samsung TV set comes new features and modifications. Some basic changes become a bit difficult for users when they cannot find even a Power button on their newly bought smart TV.

Where Is The Power Button On Samsung TV

This problem doesn’t belong to a few users but a large user base of Samsung faces this issue. Here in this article, we will learn the exact details of where you can find the Power Button on Samsung TV.

Where Can We Find The Power Button on Samsung TV?

In brief, there are few places where you can surely find the Samsung TVs Power button.

  • In the middle of the TV at the bottom, or at the bottom left, or at the bottom right.
  • In the middle, the underside of the TV, at the left or on the right underside of the TV.
  • In the middle the backside of the TV, at the Left of the Tv on the Backside, and at the right side of the TV to its back.

Possibility 1: Middle and Middle Underside

  • This is the most commonplace for the Power button of your smart TV.
  • You can find the Power button at the center of the TV at the bottom of it.
  • Check the underside of the TV, right in the middle of the TV.
  • If not at the front, the Power button can be found behind the TV in the middle section.

Possibility 2: Right Side of the TV In Front, Underneath, and Back of the TV.

  • With new models, the power button can be placed on the right side of the TV.
  • Check the bottom right side of the TV, Power button can be found with one LED light.
  • If not at the bottom, Check beneath the TV on the right side.
  • For any reason, if you don’t find any button at the front or beneath, check the right side at the back of the TV.

Possibility 3: Check the Left side of the TV in front, Underneath, and Back of the TV.

  • The power button can be found on the left side in different models.
  • Go down to the TV and check at the bottom left.
  • Check underneath the TV on the left side.
  • If you don’t find one, check the Power button on the left side underneath the TV.

Possibility 4: Touch the Panel on the left or right side of the TV.

  • With new models, Samsung has launched new features, which include Touch panels for the Power button.
  • You can locate your Touch panel which is adjacent to the Volume buttons.
  • These touch panels can be found on the front right bezel of the TV.

What If You Are Still Unable To Find The Power Button On Your Samsung TV?

In case the above-given information doesn’t help you, you can refer to Samsung Manuals and learn about the exact place of the power button on the Samsung TV.

In the Samsung TV manual you can not only learn about the Power button location but many of its features.

How To Find Samsung Tv Manual Online?

  • Go here.
  • Choose the Tv & Home Theatre.
  • Look for your TV Model, and select it.
  • As you will select your TV model, it will take you to the page from where you can download your TV’s manual.

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