How To Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4 (Couldn’t open Office Applications)?

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If you have been confronted with the Error Code 1058-4 on your system running Microsoft’s Office suite and looking for a solution to solve the particular issue.

Then my dear reader your search is finally over as you have finally come to the right place. Here we will discuss with you some of the ways with the help of which you can easily solve the 1058-4 Error Code issue on your Windows system, quite easily and without much hassle. 

Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4

Today, in the following article we will be looking at two of the most popular and effective ways out there to solve the above mentioned issue. These methods may as follows:

  • Disabling Firewall services
  • Rolling back a Windows System Update 
  • Updating your Windows OS
  • Changing the Status of Microsoft Office Click services to Automatic

Both the above mentioned methods have been further discussed in detail with step by step instructions for each, hence there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

However, before we head to the part where we look at the instructions required to get rid of the particular error, let us take a few moments to first understand why the error may actually occur in the first place.

Because, doing so will not only help us understand the error better, but also enable us to deal with the error more effectively and efficiently. 

Cause of Error Code 1058-4 in Microsoft Office Applications

The Error Code 1058-4 may primarily occur in a Windows system due to the following reasons:

  • A faulty update of certain applications or programs, namely Microsoft Office suite.
  • Corrupted files related to the operation of Office Applications.
  • Change in status of certain Microsoft Office services

All the above mentioned reasons or causes are just a few of many other causes which may lead to such an error to occur. However, the above listed ones can be looked upon as the primary or more obvious reasons out there which may result in the 1058-5 Error Code to occur. 

How To Fix Microsoft Office 1058-4 Error Code?

Now, we have got a little idea about why or for what reason the error may occur. Let us finally have a look at the fixes which we can implement to get rid of the error.

Here, it is important to keep in mind that all the methods explained below are no definite solutions to a cause, but rather a more generic approach of trial and error.

Thus, it may only take a single method or it may even take a combination of all the methods listed here to fix the particular issue resulting in the error.

1. Disabling Firewall Services

Although not very frequent, there may be times when the Firewall Service of an OS system may stop certain functions of the Microsoft Office suite from running and making changes.

When this happens, it may disrupt the flow of the program which may as a result allow the Error Code 1058-4 to occur.

In such cases, all you need to do is simply disable the Firewall Services for a while and see whether the error is actually caused by such Firewall actions or not.

To disable Firewall Services on your Windows OS, you may follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Go to Start and search for Windows Security
  • Once the Widows Security app shows up, click on it and open it.
  • Then from the Windows Security Window, head to and click on the Firewall & network protection option.
  • Under Firewall & network protection window, scroll down and click on the Allow an app through firewall option.
  • Inside the Allows Apps window, scroll down and tick mark the Microsoft Suite app or if not present, then  click on Allow another app and navigate to where the Microsoft Suite app has been installed and select the folder. 
  • Once all that is done, click on the OK button and save the changes.
  • Lastly, open up any Office app and see if the error still persists.

2. Rolling back a Windows System Update

If somehow such an error shows up right after an OS system update, then it may be safe for you to assume that the error may have occurred as a result of the OS update.

This happens when during update, certain files may get corrupted as a result of which an error like the 1058-4 may show up. And hence, in such cases the best way to solve the issue may be to roll back the update completely and see whether the error is fixed or not. 

To do so, you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Go to the Windows Search bar and type in Windows Update Settings and click on it.
  • Then on the left pane, go down and select the Recovery option from the list. 
  • Next, under Recovery on the right hand pane see whether the button for Get Started under Go back to the previous version of Windows 10 is available or not. 
  • It may be noted that the button stays available only for a time period of 10 days since the update took place. If you try to roll back to a previous version after 10 days have passed, you may not be able to do so since the button itself will not be available.
  • If the button is available, then simply click on it and let the roll back process take place on its own. 
  • After the OS has been successfully rolled back, simply restart your system and then run any of the Office apps to see whether the error still persists or not.

3. Updating your Windows OS

There may also be times, when instead of rolling back your Windows OS, you might have to update your current Windows OS version to a more recent release.

Suppose, you were not able to roll back to a previous version of Windows as had been mentioned for the earlier method.

Then the very best alternative you have in front of you is to update your OS. And hence, to update your system to a more recent version, you can simply follow the instructions shown below:

  • Once again, head to the Windows search bar and type in Windows Update Settings
  • Next, click on the Windows Update Settings option and directly head to the Update Settings window menu.
  • Here, over at the right pane under Windows Update click on the Check for updates button and let it check for any updates available. 
  • If there are any updates, then it will ask you to download and install the following updates. 
  • Simply click in the Download and install option and let the update take place. 
  • Once the update has been successfully completed, restart your device and then try running any of the Office apps to see whether the error still occurs or not.

4. Changing the Status of Microsoft Office Services

Finally if nothing else seems to work, you might want to check the status of a particular service file named Microsoft Office Click to Run Service at the Services program.

Usually, the status for the particular service should be set to Automatic and Running. But for some reason if it is not, then you can follow the steps as mentioned below to change the status to Automatic and Running.

  • Go to the Windows Search bar and type in Services.
  • Then once the Service app shows up in results, click and open it.
  • In the Service app window, scroll down and try to locate the file named “Microsoft Office Click to Run Service”.
  • Once located right click on it and then select the Properties option from the drop down menu list. 
  • Then head to the General tab and under Startup Type select the option Automatic.
  • Next, click on the Start button under Service Status and save the settings by clicking on the OK button.
  • Restart your system and then try running any of the Office apps to see whether the error is still present or not.

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