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To be very honest this is one question which I have been seeing making the rounds for quite some time now. Every Minecraft related FAQ site I visit or any kind of forums, this is one question which is always there.

And hence, today I decided that it would be a good idea to look into it in detail as well as explain you just about everything you need to know as to “Why Minecraft is Crashing?” as well as look into the “Most Possible Issues and Solutions to Minecarft Cashing”.

In the following article I have tried to cover up all the key issues revolving around the Minecraft Game to crash. And also the many solutions you could follow on your own to fix the issue and enjoy the lovely game of Minecraft without any further hassle.

Why Does My Minecraft Keep Crashing?

So, let us start first with one of the most crucial question at hand today, i.e. “Why exactly does MineCraft keep crashing?” And I am very certain that once you know the reasons behind your game to crash and stop running, it will be easier for you to understand what exactly is going wrong with your set up and find just the solution suitable to fix it out of the many I ll be listing out today in the present article.

Now, there may be a number of reasons why your game might crash or stop working entirely. And each issue may be different from the other, depending upon the type of platform you are playing it on, or simply the way you have set up your console.

There may be a ton of issues or just one issue creating all the problems. But, whatever it may be, it is generally a good idea to have a more trail and troubleshoot approach to it, since it is a combination of things working at the same time most often than rather a single flaw or problem.

Hence, I have listed out three separate sections with respect to the type of platform you may have, just so everything is clear and quite less confusing.

Most Possible Reasons For Minecraft To Crash

1. Mods

One of the biggest reasons for Minecraft to crash abruptly is due to Mods. So, if you have any mods installed into your system then I would say the first thing you need to do is check the mod for any bugs or simply uninstall it and look for how your Minecraft game is acting after that.

Hopefully, if the problem was due to a mod, then it should resolve on its own. However, if your game still crashes than the problem may life elsewhere.

But it is a better idea that until you find that issue first you do not install a mod back prior to that as it will make your troubleshoot effort a whole lot confusing and less worth. 

Also, if you have more than one Mod installed onto your system. Then my guess is your mods are one of the most primary reason for your game to crash.

Since the more mods you play with at the same time, the more chances there is for your game to crash and corrupt. Hence, it is a good idea as well as advised strongly that you only install and play with only one mod at a time rather than installing and playing with many at a time.

In that way, the game puts less pressure on the resources and hardware available to it and gives you a more pleasant and smooth playing experience overall. 

NOTE: Before you install any kind of Mods, it may be a good idea to first check whether the source your downloading the mod from is credible or not. Also, it is really important that you make sure that the Mod does not consist of any kind of bugs or so.

Because, if there is any bug present then not only will it cause your game to crash but at the same time compromise your whole system.

2. Pre-existing Bugs

Whenever a new edition of a game or an applications hits the shelves, there is quite a high possibility that it may contain bugs or little flaws in it.

Actually, this too is a part of a more continuous development process where only after fixing all these bugs can developers say that their software or app is completely stable.

But, even then there are occasions when a bug might not get caught in the process, which may then result in apps or in this case games such as your Minecraft to crash.

So, if such a case may arise, then during the time of crash, the game should automatically be able to detect the cause and ask you for permission later on to send the data to the developers so that they can come up with a fix or patch. 

However, if no such notifications pop up, then you might simply have to wait for the next update to come around.

Since, most fixes or patches usually are detected by developers themselves and they come up with fixes which they add up in such updates and patch fixes.

Hence, it is a good idea to update your Minecraft game whenever you think a bug might be the cause for your game to crash.

3. Updates

Well, updates are not always good. In most cases they can actually cause more harm then good. Like I mentioned above since updates too are basically a modification of old codes, there are times when developers might unknowingly of course leave a flaw in the code which may turn out to be a bug later on once you update your game.

Then in such cases either, you can follow the previous solution to the issue or can simply downgrade your game, if you believe that the previous version was working totally fine.

4. Modifying Files

Well, this is actually for those of you who are aware of how things at the background works and carry on with their own mischief to bring in changes to the actual code and make the game do exactly what they want too.

Hence, if you are someone who might have done that and as a result your game crashes, then I believe you already know the answer to what you should do.

And hopefully if you have kept a backup of all the files before making the changes than you could easily fix the issue by simply replacing the new modified files with the pre-deafult ones.

However, if you have not kept any backups then I guess you will need to re-install the whole game once again so that everything is fresh.

5. Hardware Problems 

This is an issue which I guess although pretty rare might be one of the most crucial one to handle.

Since, there is hardware involved, it is quite obvious that depending upon what type of hardware issues you may have, solving the problem may take a longer time than usual or even more investment of money and energy than what would have been in case of other issues listed here. 

So, if you have any issues with the hardware and you think the primary cause of your game to crash lies in faulty hardware, then simply by doing troubleshoots and a little of trail and error you should be able to pin point the main cause of the problem and if you can manage to change or upgrade the particular part or component causing the problem than I believe you should be able to fix your issue.

6. Software Problems (Java could be corrupted)

Not only hardware but many a times, even underlying software that help the game to run on your platform can be the primary cause of crashes.

In such cases it is important that you know which are the most crucial software on your system with the help of which the game actually runs on your PC or any other device.

And once you know the software responsible. Either you can troubleshoot for those software, update the software to fix any kind of internal bugs or even re-install and install the software just to make sure everything is fresh and working perfectly at their end.

7. Insufficient Memory 

I guess, there is nothing new to such kind of issues or that such an issue needs any detail explanation.

If you think and know that you are short on Memory and that is the main reason for your game to lag and eventually crash, then all you need to do is simply increase the memory capacity of your machine or delete any other programs or apps from your system which you might think is taking up unnecessary space in your system.

Once, that is taken care of, I believe when there should not be any issues regarding memory at all and your game should too work absolutely smooth and without any kind of lags.

8. Corruption of Game Files

There may be times, when you may find yourself looking at an issue saying that your game files may have gone corrupted. This may arise actually for various of reasons.

There might be a time when a game might have suddenly got switched off due to a power cut, due to which a particular game file may have been corrupted.

Also, many a times when a game is not saved properly such an issue of files getting corrupted may arise, due to which the entire game gets affected and as a result may crash out of a blue moon.

So, if any day your game crashed down suddenly than it is a good idea to recap in mind any such incident where you might have not logged off from your game properly. And if yes, then you probably know where the answer lies.

Top 5 Ways To Fix Minecraft From Crashing In Windows

As I had mentioned earlier, I have tried and list out all the possible ways in which you can fix your dear Minecraft game from crashing on all the major platforms such as Windows, MacOS or Android.

MineCraft Is Crashing

Thus, if you are not someone playing the game on a Windows platform and rather are playing it on other platforms such as MacOS and Android then feel free to straight away jump to the following sections : Top 5 ways to fix Minecraft from Crashing on Android & Top ways to fix Minecraft from Crashing on MacOS. And if you are playing the game on a Windows platform then simply carry on reading to know how to fix the issue of crashing.

Fix 1. Update Windows 

The first and foremost thing you can do to fix up any software issues which might result you Minecraft game to crash is Update your Windows operating system.

And if you believe that the problem of crashing down may have arose after you have updated your Windows, then you might as well “restore” your Windows back to the previous version. 

Fix 2. Update your Graphics card driver

When a game such as Minecraft gets patched and upgraded on a regular basis, it is a good idea to similarly even update one’s drivers too just so that everything is compatible with the most current development and stays in sync all together.

So, if you think you haven’t updated your drivers responsible for running games for quite some time now, I believe it would not harm to update them once in a while.

But, then again if you think an update has made thing worse than always feel free to rollback or restore back to the previous version.

Fix 3. Roll Back Updates

Many a times it is impossible to remember or know which software or apps you have updated which may have been causing the game to crash. In such cases the easiest way to go on rolling back the updates for most recent updates is simply as shown below.

  • First of all, go to “Settings” and then go to “Updates and Security”
MineCraft is Crashing
  • Now, select the “Windows Update” option from the left pane and then click on the “View Update History” as shown below.
MineCraft is Crashing frequently
  • Once inside the Update History page, click on the “Uninstall Updates” option to go the “Installed Updates” page.
MineCraft is stopping
  • Lastly, once you are in the Installed updates page as shown below. Select on the Update you think might be the cause of the problem. Right click on it and click on the “Uninstall” option to uninstall the program.
MineCraft is Crashing
  • Once all that is done, simply restart your system to keep the changes and then see whether the game is running fine or not.

Fix 4. Check whether the latest version of Java is Installed

Well, since the game basically you could say runs on Java, it is very necessary that you have a bug free and updated version of Java installed into your system.

Since, Java can be seen as the interface allowing Minecraft to run on a Windows OS, it is really important that the version of Java you are using is compatible with the version of the game currently you are playing.

And if somehow you find out that the main cause of your game to crash lies on the version of Java you are using than similar to the solution we had seen before try updating it or rolling back to the previous version, which ever is suitable for the version or edition of game you have installed and playing.

Fix 5. Uninstall Mods

Like I said right at the very beginning, one of the main cause for Minecraft to crash may very well lie in the fact that you have mods installed onto your system.

Now, I am not saying all mods may be responsible for such an issue, but there are however a large number of mods out there which are quite buggy and may compromise your system and hamper its working entirely.

Thus, if you are unsure of the source of the mod or have a second opinion on its credibility, then my advise to you is that you at an instant uninstall such mods from your system so that it can do no harm than it already has.

Top 5 Ways To Fix Minecraft From Crashing In Android

Now, if you are having issues with playing Minecraft on your Android device with the game crashing every now and then. I believe the following solutions should help you fix it and allow you to play the game without any more further hassle.

Fix Minecraft From Crashing In Android

1. Reboot your phone

While playing Minecraft, if your phone suddenly get frozen or the app simply crashes without responding to any touch or commands. Then the best and most basic thing to do in such cases is to reboot your android device.

Not only does rebooting your device, stops the crashing app from doing any further damage but in turn resets the system back to normal. Hence, giving you another chance to start fresh and look for any other problems that may be there. 

2. Clear up the Cache Memory 

Many a times, having unnecessary data from apps in the cache memory may result in the device to lag in performance. In such cases new apps may not find the necessary memory space required to run smoothly and properly.

And thus, to counter that one must clear up his or her device’s cache memory from time to time so that present apps and games running on the device can work smoothly.

3. Free up memory space

As I had mentioned at the very beginning, when it comes to the performance of an app or a game. Then the memory space available on a system can greatly affect the performance of a particular app or in our case the game.

And if somehow the memory space available for a particular game is less, then issues like crashing and freezing may very well be a usual thing.

Thus, if you think there are apps or games which are taking up extra space unnecessarily, then I believe it is time you keep only the apps which are really important and discard away the rest.

4. Uninstall the Minecraft app

Now, there may be occasions when an app may just get corrupted or simply crash without any valid reasons. In such cases just to make things less complicated, the best way to solve the issue of crashing is to re-install the app all together so that it gets installed according to the system settings of your device and can run in sync with it to work at the most optimized settings.

5. Update Android 

Sometimes, an updated version of Minecraft may not be very compatible with an out dated version of Android. In such cases, depending upon the version of OS, the game is most suitable or suited for.

One can carry out the necessary OS updates so that both the game as well as the OS interface is compatible with each other and runs in sync with one another.

Top Ways To Fix Minecraft From Crashing In MacOS

Lastly, even in the case of Mac OS when it comes to solving issues related to the crashing of Minecraft, it pretty much revolves around the same principles as discussed above for platforms such as Windows and Android systems.

Although, not much issues arises in case of MacOS when it comes to Minecraft Crashing down. Still, if any such issue may arise, you can follow the solutions mentioned for Windows and Android, even in the case of MacOS to help solve such problems. 

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