Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: Find Which One You Should Pick

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If you are looking for ways in which a Mirrorless Camera is different from a DSLR or what a DSLR camera has to offer which a mirrorless might or might not have, then I believe you have come to the right place. As today in the following article we will be discussing as well as look into all the major differences which distinguished a Mirrorless from a DLSR and vice versa, both in the way they work as well as the way they look and feel. So, without any further delay let us have a look at all the major differences between Mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

Mirror And No Mirror

The very first and frankly speaking the most obvious difference between the two types of camera is the presence of a ‘Mirror’. For those of you who are not very well aware of what a mirror is in a camera, then it is basically a mirror which is placed inside a camera itself and helps in reflecting light that comes through the lens all the way up to a prism which is also placed inside the camera so that the image entering the camera through the lens finally ends up in the viewfinder, a principle which has been there for quite some time now and can be found in non-digital cameras used earlier as well. 

Thus, when we say a camera is Mirrorless, it basically means that the camera does not have a mirror present in it and most probably an image can’t be viewed in a viewfinder as could have been possible with other typical cameras such as a DSLR or SLR.

Size Matters As Well As Weight 

Well the second quite obvious difference you will notice while dealing with the two types would be the size and weight. In case of a mirrorless camera, you can expect it to be smaller in size as well as weigh less than that of a DSLR camera. Now, the reason why DSLRs are slightly bigger and heavier than mirrorless lies on the very fact we had discussed earlier in the first point where in order to hold the mirror and prism, the size of the camera automatically needs to be bigger and bulkier. 

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras

Video Quality 

There was a time when the video quality provided by a DSLR was superior to that one would expect to find in a mirrorless camera. However, today with the new enhancements and improvements in mirrorless cameras, 4k quality of videos is something which you can expect to find in any standard mirrorless cameras. A feature which is still not so readily available in most entry level DSLRs but can be found in most standard Mirrorless cameras easily.


If you are someone who likes to change lenses according to your taste in shoots, then DSLRs should be an ideal choice as with DSLRs you will surely get to choose from a wide variety of lenses, whereas with Mirrorless cameras the number of extra lenses you will get to see and use is still very limited and are under development as we speak. 


For autofocus, where you need to track fast objects, a DSLR may be an ideal choice and a winner here. However, with new hybrid contrast and phase detection systems, Mirrorless cameras are also not far behind in the race for who could provide better autofocus features.

Image Quality 

There was a time when DSLRs were superior too Mirrorless cameras when it came to the quality of images. However, today with new advancements and enhancements being brought to Mirrorless cameras, in case of image quality there is not much of a difference between the two types. 

Battery Life

After weight and size, battery life I would say is one of the other main difference that greatly distinguishes a Mirrorless camera from a DLSR. Talking about battery life and backup, in case of DSLRs, you can easily expect it to last you for around 700 to 800 shots in one single charge. However, when we talk about Mirrorless cameras, for a single charge you can expect them to provide you with around 400 to 500 shots in average from which I guess it is pretty clear that DSLRs are better at battery backup than Mirrorless.