What Does “MMQ camera daemon” Mean? And How To Fix It?

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MMQ Camera Daemon

From the title, you already know that this term is used for a process that is using the camera. To fully understand the term, we will also need to understand the other terms.

The other most important term to understand this code is Daemon.

For a layman, it is very hard to understand what a daemon means. It is a software term and it is on a very rare occasion that someone not related to technological development will use this in their day-to-day life.

The MMQ Camera daemon can cause your device to overheat and not function properly. This is the reason that we need to understand in detail what this term means and what problems it can cause on your device.

After this, we will also discuss the possible solutions for the issues discussed. So, what does MMQ Camera Daemon mean?

What Does “MMQ camera daemon” Mean?

What is a daemon?

There are many services on the phone and many complex processes run to fulfill the requests on a device.

A daemon is a software that runs continuously and receives service requests. This software runs in the background.

In your lifetime of using a device, you will hardly actively come across a daemon program, and very rarely will you need to understand what a daemon does. 

The daemon receives service requests and then forwards the request to the other programs that will perform it. All this runs in the passive background process.

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What is an MMQ Camera Daemon?

This daemon is responsible for handling the camera processes on your device. It can be on an android device or a tablet.

What problems does MMQ Camera Daemon cause?

The software was initially designed to give you the best experience with your camera application but users are recently reporting a lot of problems with the MMQ Camera Daemon.

The problems with the MMQ Camera Daemon include the bug that causes the daemon to use extreme amounts of battery power. This is even scarier when the daemon uses battery power even without the camera in use.

causes of MMQ Camera Daemon error

The MMQ Camera daemon error can have many causes. Let us discuss them before we move toward the solution.

Reason 1: Yahoo Messenger

Some users have described that after they downloaded Yahoo Messenger on their device, their battery started draining really fast and when they saw the report on the battery usage patterns of their device, the most amount of battery was being used by MMQ Camera Daemon.

It is using as much as 60 percent of the battery power of the device. This is a common cause of the problem reported by many users simultaneously.

Reason 2: Unauthorised access to apps 

There are some apps on your device that sneakily get unauthorized access to a lot of processes on your phone.

You will not even be aware of the process that the app is using unless you encounter a problem. These sneaky apps can cause a lot of problems on your device and you need to be really careful when dealing with such problems.

Reason 3: Device Glitch

Sometimes for no fault of any program on the device, there are a lot of glitches. In such cases, the device will get overheated and the battery will get drained. In such situations, you will also see random applications opening up on your device.

How To Fix MMQ Camera Daemon error?

Fix 1: Your device is not updated

If your device is not equipped with the latest updates, you will see many errors on your device. This happens because your device is trying to stay in touch with the latest innovations in the market without having the resources needed to handle them.

Fix 2: Bypassing the Error

Now that we have seen what problems can be caused due to the malfunctioning MMQ Camera Daemon, let us see what problems can be solved at home without any professional help.

Fix 3: Yahoo messenger

If the problem is occurring after you downloaded the Yahoo messenger, then you should try to uninstall the messenger before you try to go forward.

The messenger may be interfering with the processes on your phone or the tablet that you are using. 

The problem may also be solved by clearing the cache from this application and trying to restart your phone.

Fix 4: Third-party apps

You should make sure that no app on your phone is working with unauthorized access on your device.

There are some sneaky apps that will use your device resources to exploit the information and data they gather.

It is important that you regularly check what processes on your device are using the battery power. This is the place where you will always find apps that you may not be able to find otherwise.

When you do end up finding an app that is sneakily using your resources, you need to immediately delete that app.

Fix 5: Device Glitch

If the device that you are using is glitching or not working properly, then you need to try rebooting or restarting your device.

In most cases, this will solve your problem. 

You will also be able to solve the problems by updating your device to the latest version. This will help your device to deal with the latest bugs.

Fix 6: Serious hardware problems

If your device has serious hardware or software problems, this is when you need a professional to step in to take it off your hands and help you.


MMQ Camera Daemon is not an error code in itself. This is software intended to help you make the best use of your device camera.

However, if you find the MMQ Camera Daemon using the battery more than it should, then it indicates some deep errors on your device. We have included the fixes that you can employ in order to get rid of the errors with your device. Sometimes, you can solve the problems with the fixes mentioned here but if you feel that it is getting out of hand, then you should contact a professional to fix the exact problem with your device.

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