How To Fix Monster Hunter World Error Code 50152-mw1?

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Monster Hunter World Error Code 50152-mw1

Error Code 50152-mw1 mainly troubles the Monster Hunter World users when they try to join the game with their friends.

There is no information about the error on the Monster Hunter world website so we can’t say exactly what is causing the error but on the web, we have come upon many user threads where users have mentioned different workarounds which helped them resolve this error.

How To Fix Monster Hunter World Error Code 50152-mw1?

Fix 1: Try login From the Computer

If you are playing the game on your PlayStation then follow the steps given below.

  • Log out of your PlayStation account on your console.
  • Then log in to your PlayStation account on the computer.
  • Then go back to your console and log in back to your PSN account.

Fix 2: For Those Who Are Having This Error With Steam

If you are having this error on Steam then ​​set launch options to clear up some odd interactions between the game, Steam UI, and internet-based protocols.

  • Go to the Steam game library.
  • Then Right-click on Monster Hunter: World.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Choose Set Launch Options.
  • Next In the dialogue box, input the following, including the dashes and the space between the words: -nofriendsui -udp.
  • Choose Okay.
  • Then restart Steam.

Source for this workaround

Fix 3: Contact The Game Support

Above we have provided all of the possible workarounds which we found in our research.

As there is no official information on this error, and you already have tried the above workaround then it will be best for you to contact game support to get more details about this error.

Note: Before contacting support please make sure that the game and your device are updated with the latest firmware.

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