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Having to outsource professional voice overs can often leave a huge dent on your purse. Does not matter whether you are doing a small educational video for your youtube channel or an audiobook for your recent novel. Investing in voice overs can be a pretty costly business overall.

Moreover, things like what kind of voice suits your projects, to what accent is preferred by your target audience, to even the genre of your voice all need to be considered as well, if you are looking forward to creating quality content for your end-users.

Murf.Ai Review

All of which, to be honest, if not done properly could easily lead up to unnecessary stress and anxiety.  Fortunately however, with the recent advancement in science and AI technology, today we have with us tools which can take care of all those things as mentioned above and leave you with ample amount of time and energy to just focus on creating quality content. 

And with that being said, today we have with us the Murf.Ai tool. A tool that allows you to convert text into customizable voice overs very easily and efficiently. 

In the following article we will look into everything that the particular tool has to offer as well as talk about the pros and cons related to it.

Here, I have tried to cover it all. Everything you need to decide better on whether the app is right for you or not. 

DISCLAIMER: The following post is a complete independent and research based user oriented review, keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the readers. Hence, in no way has any of the content written is influenced in any way by the tool owners or developers, and solely based on the findings of the writer based on what he has found while using the app on his own.

What is Murf.Ai?

Murf, in the most simplest of terms, is basically a text to speech converter that allows users to generate some very professional sounding voice overs instantly and efficiently. 

According to its official website, the Murf tool lets users generate voice overs in more than 20 different languages and 120+ different AI voices.

And the best part is that all the generated voices are claimed to be a hundred percent natural sounding ones, making it rather difficult for your audience to figure out whether the voice behind the video is that of a real person or an artificial bot.

Who can use Murf.Ai? can actually be used by anyone working on interactive contents. From videos to presentations, Murf can help you generate decent and good quality voice overs for it all. 

To be a little more specific, for who can make the most out of the Murf tool. Let us have a look at the following list as mentioned below:

  • Educational Videos
  • Documentary Videos
  • Audio books 
  • Presentations
  • Video Ads
  • Animation Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Video games and much more.

From the above list of uses, I believe it is quite clear that if it is a content you are creating with images, slides and videos in it. Then most certainly, the Murf tool will be quite beneficial for you.

Our Overall Rating For Murf

Overall Assessment –

  • User Experience – 
  • UX Interface Design – 4.8
  • Ease of Using – 4.7
  • Performance – 4.7
  • Responsiveness – 4.8
  • Features – 4.8

Murf Pros & Cons


  • Plans available for both Monthly and Yearly subscriptions
  • Speech to AI voice changer is quite responsive
  • No card credentials required for trying out trial version
  • No software download required
  • Browser Friendly and Highly Responsive
  • Generates Real-life like voice overs
  • Has a huge voice database
  • User interface and design is as user friendly as it can get


  • Trial version is too limited
  • Use cases is not as responsive as expected

Our overall Assessment & Review on Murf

This is one of my favorite sections in the article as here I shall be discussing with you all there is to know about the particular app. From key features, to its user interface, to its ups and downs. You will find it all here.

I have tried out the tool myself for more than a month now and could say that the following review should help answer almost all types of questions which you may have related to the tool at hand today.

Murf Key Features

1. Available in more than 20+ languages

Being available in all major languages like English, Chinese, French and German just to name a few, the Murf tool can help you create voice overs for your project very easily and effectively.

With such a huge library of languages, it becomes easy for content creators to be able to create content for their target audience in a language they are most comfortable in.

Something which can really help boost up the connection between regional audiences and a creator’s content voice overed in that particular regional language.

The list of different languages offered by Murf as of present, are as follows:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tamil
  • Turkish

All the above languages additionally come with a number of different voiceovers again, available both in Male as well as Female voices. Giving you just enough options to choose from and not feel limited to just a few. 

There is also the option to choose from Pro and Basic voices as well as the type of use cases you want your voice overs to sound like. All of which we shall be discussing in detail in our Murf Overview section laid out further below.

2. Can Generate voice overs in 120+ different voices

This is one of the best features of Murf if you ask me. With over 120+ different voice over voices, diving into diversity will never be an issue. 

When working on large projects such as character voices in games and animation videos, the more options you have in front of you, the better the results. Hence, making the Murf tool idea for use in both small as well as large scale projects. 

3. Can Generate voice in different use cases

Just like anything out there needs character, a voice too needs one. And when you use ‘use cases’ to generate voice overs for your content, this greatly helps bring in character to the voice as well as your content it so requires to be able to connect better with the audience viewing your content.

Fortunately, in the case of Murf, you need not worry about all such things, as the app comes equipped with a number of diverse and rich use cases libraries of its own.

Below, I have listed down all the different types of use cases which Murf has to offer. This way you can know better, what to expect and look forward to when using the app.

  • Audiobooks
  • Documentaries
  • Games
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • L&D (Learning and Development)
  • Meditation
  • Podcasts
  • Audio Blogs
  • Presentation
  • Product Demos
  • Youtube

As you can see from the above list, there are just ample options to choose from and with a little improvisation among two or more use cases, you could come up with even better results. Much more than you could have expected actually. 

4. Allows to add emphasis to selected words

Well this is one other feature which I absolutely loved about this particular app, that is the ability to add emphasis to your desired word or set of words in a passage. 

If use cases represent character, I would say emphasis can be used to represent emotions then. For a particular message which you need to put in front of your audience, having character as well as emotion are both equally important to be able to make your point.

5. Allows to adjust pitch and speed

Along with being able to add emphasis to your generated voice, being able to adjust the pitch and speed can also help greatly enhance the quality of your content to the extent where it looks and sounds as if it was done by a completely real person and not an AI tool.

6. Let’s users include pause according to their needs

If features like adding emphasis, adjusting the pitch and speed didn’t seem to be enough. Murf additionally comes with the ability to let users include pauses too in their generated speech, the way they desire. 

For pauses, there are a number of options you can choose from, like: 

  • Extra Weak (250ms)
  • Weak (0.5s)
  • Medium (0.75s)
  • Strong (1s)
  • Extra Strong (1.2s)

Apart from these pre-default set of options, you can also add your own custom pause for as long as upto 5 seconds and not more than that at once. 

7. Comes with inbuilt Grammar Assistance

Now, obviously while creating content no one willingly wants to create wrong content. Right? However, when working alone it is not always possible as well to create content error free. There will always be some or the other kind of human error present. 

In such cases, having a Grammar Assistance can be of great help to produce error free and grammar correct content easily and most efficiently.

8. Comes with Free Background Music Library

Here inside the Murf tool, for every use case, you will find a number of background music files to choose from and add to your generated voices. All these music files you will find here as default are completely royalty free and can be used anywhere without having to worry about any kind of copyright issues or so.

9. Change your voice to an AI voice

I am pretty sure that there are many of you out there who don’t really admire your own voice. Right? Especially when it is a recorded one.

This is actually quite natural, where one just finds his or her own voice rather unpleasant when heard in a recorded version. For this reason, Murf just to make things a little simpler for you, comes with such a function that allows you to convert your very own recorded voice to an AI one. 

This way if you are too lazy to type in text, you could instead record your own voice and convert it directly to the AI voice of your choice. In a way it helps you save a lot of time as well as energy which you may have had to spend busy typing.

Murf Overview

We are finally here. The section where we go on discussing all the pros and cons related to the particular app at hand.

This section is my personal favorite during the entire journey as here I finally get to use the apps and dissect each and every feature separately and carefully to bring to you an in depth analysis of what goes on inside it and how well it has been constructed, keeping in mind exactly what the end-user is looking for and want to know when planning to go for a particular app or tool. Which in our case today, is going to be the Murf studio tool. 

1. Pricing

Being a freelancer myself, and that too on a tight budget. The very first thing I look for while looking out for a new app or tool, is surely going to be its price tag. 

This is simply because I need to know whether the price I have to or am going to pay for a particular tool or service is going to be enough or not to help me make a profit out of it.

This way, I clearly know whether investing in a particular product is a good idea or not at the very beginning itself.  

In the case of Murf, when it comes to pricing, I would say it more or less falls under an average and reasonable subscription package only.

This is because as I compared the app to its other rivals on the field, for the amount of services and features which I got to experience in Murf as compared to the other tools out there. The pricing indeed seemed quite reasonable to me. 

It is very important that you clearly know what type of work you need to get done as well as how much work you want to get done before deciding on which plan to go with and whether paying that amount is worth it.

Monthly Plans

Annual Plans

From the screenshots above, you can understand better what the various Subscription plans are as well as what each one has to offer its users. You can either choose a monthly plan to be paid monthly or an annual plan to be paid annually all at once. 

The annual plan as you can see from the screenshots above, will most certainly cost you less as compared to the monthly plan when stretched over a year. But, this all depends on how sure you are about the app and how much money you can spend all at once on a single app. 

For someone like me who is a budget content creator, having to spend $156 all at once can be a huge burden on my purse. Because of this, only when I am absolutely sure about the app, can I spend such a huge amount on it, all at once. 

2. Trial Version

Talking about the trial version, there is actually not much to offer here by Murf. I would say, I was rather a little disappointed when I saw only 10 mins of voice over made available to me on my profile dashboard. 

When someone is trying out an app for the first time, it is quite obvious that he or she would be trying out a lot of stuff in an unplanned fashion. Hence, the fewer the limitations in a product’s trial version, the better the user is able to understand the particular app or product. 

For this very reason, if the Murf team wants its audience or potential users to be a little more interested in the app and finally purchase it for the services it has to offer, increasing the time limit upto at least 30 or even 20 minutes would be a great idea to increase its potential user base. 

3. Login & Sign Up Process

The login and sign-up process for me was absolutely easy and simple. There were no hidden motives or so during the Sign-up process, which was as simple as just registering straight away with my Google account. 

You also have the option to register and sign-in directly with your Facebook account or instead register manually too, whatever works best for you.

Something which I personally hate the most is having to register or sign up with your credit card credentials. And fortunately enough, Murf didn’t disappoint me there. To try out the trial version, I was given direct access to my dashboard simply by logging in with my Google account and nothing more.

Obviously, if you are going for the premium plans, you will need to provide in your payment card details for Murf to be able to carry out the transactions.

This too actually is a pretty straightforward and easy procedure that can be completed within seconds, if you have all your card details in front of you. 

4. User Interface

Talking about the design and user interface which Murf has to offer. I would rather say it is just flawless and an eye candy to the eyes.

Usually when you see a tool coming equipped with so many functions and features, it is just normal to believe that the interface would be somewhat a little cramped up or confusing.

However, in the case of Murf that was nowhere the case. 

The dashboard made available to its users by Murf is as clean and tidy as it can get. You have all your functions and features distributed evenly and systematically, making your browsing and scrolling experience truly smooth and easy. 

It does not matter whether you are using the tool for the first time or for the hundredth time. Over at the Murf dashboard, everything is easily accessible and will take you no time to figure out where is what and what goes where. 

The learning graph is as linear as it can get, and the more time you spend with the tool the better you can use the features to your own advantage. 

5. User Experience

Finally, let us have a look at how good or bad my experience was with the following tool. For this part I had tried out the tool myself to create a project of my own, where I have tried to use and cover all the functions and features offered by the product to see whether all the features actually work up to their full potential or not. 

So, once you create your very first project, your dashboard will look something like the one shown below.

As you can see and have already mentioned once before, the interface Murf has to offer is pretty clean and easy, making it an absolute delight to work on projects without much issue at all.

As you go along browsing through each tab at the very top, you will find a number of additional options corresponding to the specific tabs you have chosen. 

Options like from where to Upload as well as Import videos and images, types of voices, intensity of pitch, speed as well as use cases can all be found here itself. 

While trying to convert a passage from text to speech on my own, I tried it out with a number of voices as well as different accents at first. And to be honest none of the results disappointed me. 

They all sounded extremely professional and as if done by a real person instead of an AI. 

However, when I tried out the different use cases, specially the one for Meditation. The results were not as I had expected.

For a case such as Meditation, where you need a calm and composed voice, the voice overs for all the options I had chosen from gave me pretty much the same results as would have been the case for any other use cases. 

Because of this, I believe there is still a little more work to be done for the Murf tool when it comes to use cases and how they should sound. 

Apart from that, with the rest of the functions such as adjusting the pitch, speed as well as adding emphasis to certain words, all seemed to work fine giving you the output you actually desire. 

The Grammar Assistance pretty much works like any other typical grammar correct function out there, where it goes on correcting any kind of spelling or grammatical mistake which you may do while typing in your text for conversion.

This feature is not anything exceptional or so, however it being there can really come handy, specially when you know you make a lot of silly spelling and grammatical mistakes. 

The tool also comes with a good set of background music libraries which you could use in your generated voice overs without having to worry about any kind of copyright infringements as they are all royalty free music and you have permission to use it in whatever way you like. 

Apart from the built-in music files which Murf has to offer, you also have the option to add your very own music file as well as import one from anywhere around the Internet.

Is Murf Ai worth it?

If you ask me, I would definitely say that the Murf tool is worth it all. Given the experience I had with the quality of voice generated as well as the ease of working on it, the Murf tool definitely has very less room for disappointment, both at present as well as the near future. 

The reason why I am so confident about the app is because based on what I have seen going on with the tool design and interface wise.

They have put in some extra effort to make everything quite effortless for the user actually. Something which you could see in common in most successful products and services out there. 

When a product or service is made with keeping the end-users’ convenience in mind, it is most certain to go a long way. And I hope for Murf too, that is the case as well.

Murf FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

Is free?

Absolutely not. Well, you can go for the trial version that allows you to generate voice overs upto 10 minutes with all the 120+ voices as well as the different languages included. Apart from that, sadly there is no other thing that is free from Murf. 

Can I subscribe to Murf only on a monthly basis?

As have already been mentioned above in the pricing section, there are monthly plans available as well for which you will need to pay monthly.  However, if you just want to give the app a try for a month to see whether it will meet your needs in the long run or not. Then you can also opt for Murf’s One Time Pack subscription plan as well. For just $9, this pack lets you generate voice overs for upto 30 mins with all basic plan features involved. 

Murf Alternatives


A tool which I would say is rather quite similar to Murf in terms of features and performance would be Coming with a price tag, slightly a little more than that of Murf, certainly is a strong rival out there. 

2. Amazon Polly

If you are into Amazon’s AWS services, then Polly might not be a very new term to you. For those who are not familiar with Polly. It is basically a text to speech converter app like that in case of Murf, ideal for developers actually instead of content creators. 


Another very similar app to Murf which stands as a strong competitor to it would be With features and functions almost as similar to Murf, the text to speech converter tool allows you to create close to real-life voice overs for a price tag somewhat two times higher than that for Murf.

4. Stream Speaks

A fairly much cheaper alternative to the Murf tool we have with us today. With Stream Speaks tool, you can create upto 100,000 characters per month for just $19. However, when it comes to performance and the quality of voice generated by the particular tool, it is actually far below what you would achieve out of Murf.

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