How To Mute Someone On Facetime?

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Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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If you are trying to mute the other person on the Facetime call, then in this post I am going to tell you whether it’s possible or not.

Is It Possible To Mute Other People On The Facetime Call?

No, there is no option to mute the other person on the Facetime call whether you are using Facetime on your computer or Phone. You have the option to only mute yourself so other people will not hear you.

What Are The Possible Ways To Mute Other Person On Facetime Calls?

1. Use headphone

You can use a headphone to avoid listening to other people completely on Facetime. Just insert the headphone into your device, and don’t put the earphones to your ear instead put them away.

Even if this bothers you, then bring the volume to zero.  

2. Take Your Device Volume Down

If you don’t have a headphone, or you are not interested in using a headphone. Then we will suggest you to put your device volume down until it gets to zero.

I have a Macbook, and I use Google Hangout to video call my friends. When I want to avoid their voices, I simply turn my Macbook volume to zero. And it works like a charm.

3. Ask The Other Person

The last option is to ask the other person to mute himself/herself.

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