How To Fix nest Thermostat error e298?

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Nest Thermostat Error e298

One of the most competitive technology giants in the market is Google. They are always expanding on the tech they have created as well as the tech that they are about to create. Google Nest is one such piece of tech that they are continuously developing.

There are, however, some inevitable errors that commonly show up on the Nest thermostat. Sometimes these are related to the wiring and sometimes these are related to the configuration of the app.

In this article, we are going to discuss How to fix Nest thermostat error e298.

This error code shows up when there is a power issue with the thermostat. There can be many reasons that range from low battery to problems with the HVAC configuration. We will discuss all this and more in the next section where we discuss the solutions for the error code.

How to solve the error code e298 on the Nest thermostat?

As we have mentioned in the introduction, the error code e298 on the Nest thermostat means that the thermostat has a power issue.

The power issue can stem from a low battery or wrong HVAC configuration. It is very important to understand the reasons before we discuss the solutions for the same. It will also save time by letting you know what fix is the best for you so that you do not have to try all the solutions.

Fix 1: The battery is low

There are built-in batteries present in the thermostat. These need to be checked for proper functioning at regular intervals or you can end up with dead batteries.

When the batteries are discharged, you might see the error code e298. 

What you can do about the battery issue on your device depends on the model of the thermostat. You can either plug in the batteries to recharge them or simply swap the batteries for new ones. 

You might need to fish out the thermostat user manual for this one.

Fix 2: Check the HVAC wiring

The wiring of the thermostat should be connected properly or else, you are very likely to receive a “no power” warning on the device.

The HVAC wiring is used as a circuit breaker on the thermostat in the case of power surges. When this occurs, the wiring is melted off so that the electricity can be cut off to reduce the possibility of further damage.

Check to see if the fuse connected to the system is intact. If the fuse is blown, you will need to install a new fuse and also change the wiring according to the new fuse.

Fix 3: The HVAC condition should be perfect

Several different elements make up the HVAC system on the thermostat. The most common issue that you can face is a blockage in the condensate drain.

This can slow down the condensate drain and cause issues with the HVAC system on the thermostat.

You will need to open up the machinery and check for the elements of the HVAC to be in perfect shape. This can help you eliminate the error code e298 on the thermostat.

Fix 4: Call in a professional

Since most of the processes of the thermostat are complicated and rely on the wiring, you might sometimes not be able to comprehend the circuits.

This is the time when you should evade further damage by giving up and calling in a professional to help you. Not only are they experts in repairing broken parts but they also have knowledge of some part that is worth repairing or needs replacing.

This is a wisdom that only comes with expertise.

To conclude

The error code e298 on the Nest thermostat is mostly related to the power issues. You can solve this with the help of the solutions that we have suggested in the article above or you can call in a professional to help you with the thermostat wiring.

We hope that this was a helpful resource for you and you were able to solve the error code e298 on your Nest thermostat.

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