How To Fix Netflix Error Code 12001?

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Netflix Error Code 12001

As per the information shared by Netflix on their website this error 12001 mainly occurs with smartphones and tablets. And this error simply means that your device needs to be refreshed.

Below in this post, you can find all the workarounds to get rid of this error.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code 12001?

Fix 1: Power Cycle Your Device And Internet

If you are using mobile data then power off your phone and wait for around 1 to 2 minutes. After that power on your phone and make sure your phone’s mobile data is on. Then launch Netflix and check if you still have the error or not.

If in case you are using the wifi connection then also power off your router and then power it on after 2 minutes. Then launch Netflix and check if the error is gone or not.

Fix 2: Clear The Netflix App Data

  • Close the Netflix App.
  • Then press and hold on to the Netflix App icon.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Then clear the app Cache.
  • Then relaunch the Netflix app, and check for the error.

Fix 3: Try Using Any Alternate Connection

If the error still doesn’t resolve then try using any alternate internet connection. You can use any mobile hotspot or wifi connection.

Once your device is connected to an alternate internet connection, launch Netflix and check for the error.

If Netflix is working over another internet connection then contact your ISP to resolve the issue.

Fix 4: Other Workarounds

  • Check if the Netflix app is updated or not.
  • Get in touch with Netflix support to report the error for further assistance.

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