How To fix Netflix error 30104?

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Netflix error 30104

Netflix is not a stranger to error codes. There are many issues on the platform that the users face on a regular when they are trying to Netflix and chill.

These issues might not be as urgent as they are on any other official platform but it still pinches when you are trying to relax ad you see an error code.

Talking about the Netflix error 30104, it shows up when the platform cannot play the specific title that you have requested.

We cannot point to a specific reason that can explain this error code on each user’s device, however, there are a bunch of reasons that we will mention, and reading about those will help you understand what is the reason for the error code on your device.

Let’s discuss the reasons and the fixes together in the next section.

How to fix the error code 30104 on Netflix?

The error code 30104 on Netflix is an issue with playing the titles that you requested. We are aware of this knowledge but we still can’t say if this is because of the server or your network.

We will have to take a look at each reason in isolation so that you can pick the best fix for yourself.

Fix 1: Netflix does not carry the title that you are asking for

The issue might be with the platform and the permissions on the title that you are asking for. Some titles on Netflix are temporary and they are only under contract for a limited period.

If you found the title on Netflix some time back and cannot find it now, it means that the rights for the particular content are no longer with Netflix.

This means that you will have to search for the title on another platform.

Fix 2: Check your internet connection

The internet connection is very important for streaming content on the platform. If the connection is weak, you will not be able to connect to the Netflix content library.

This means that the title that you are looking for will also not load. 

This creates the perfect scenario for the error code 30104 to show up. Check the speed of the internet connection.

If you often face a problem with the speed of the internet connection, check your internet plan or talk to the internet service provider about the same.

Fix 3: Check the Netflix server status

If the Netflix server is down, you will not be able to use any functions of the platform. It also depends on what you were doing on the platform when the server went down.

If you were searching for a new title and trying to play it, you will face the error code 30104 due to the server error.

You can check the status of the Netflix server through a simple Google search. You will be redirected to a down detector site and a report prepared through user inputs will be visible on the site.

If the server is down, you will need to wait for the repair before you can watch content on the platform.

Fix 4: Change the device that you are watching on

If the device that you are using is glitching, it will cause problems with various functions that you’re trying to perform.

An easy way to figure out if this is a device problem is to try to use Netflix on a different device. If you are using a PC, switch to a phone, and vice versa. 

If the device is the problem, you can try to power cycle the device. A complete reset on the device might be needed if the issue is serious.

However, before you reset the device, take the point into account that you will need to reset the preferences on the device after the process is complete.

Fix 5: Clear browser cache and cookies

If you are using Netflix through an internet browser, there might be a persistent issue with the cache and cookies of the browser.

This is not a very complicated problem to solve as the only thing that you need to do is delete the cookies and cache from the browser settings.

This issue is also totally avoidable if you clean the cookies and cache regularly without waiting for an issue to show up.

Fix 6: Check for updates on the app

If you are using the Netflix app, certain features might stop working properly as soon as the new update drops.

If you have ignored the update notifications for the app, you might need to look into the matter and check for new updates.

Update the app to the latest version and then try to play the title again. If you feel that there is a much deeper issue with the app on your device, you can try to uninstall the app to download a fresh copy. 

With this, you will just need to enter the account details again and it is not a lengthy process.

Fix 7: Contact Netflix support or visit user forums

If you feel that you cannot solve the issue through any of the suggested fixes, you can contact the Netflix support team.

They will help you by analyzing the issue according to the specifications of your situation and suggest you the best fix.

You can also ask how to solve the error code 30104 on the user forums. Other users usually have a goldmine of useful advice that you can make use of.

To conclude

The error code 30104 on Netflix is an error code signaling the inability of the platform to play a certain title at the specified time.

This can be a temporary issue that you can choose to wait for clearing before you try to fix it or you can try one of the fixes that we have suggested in the article above. 

We hope that this article was helpful for you in solving the streaming issue on Netflix. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy Streaming!!

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