How To Fix Netflix Error Code 5.10?

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Netflix Error Code 5.10

Netflix sure annoys users with a lot of error codes on the platform. There are many dedicated user forums that are in constant discussion about the error codes on Netflix. Thankfully, Netflix is also aware of this issue and they have a dedicated support page where they mention the error codes with their possible reasons and solutions.

In this article, we will take a look at the Netflix error code 5.10.

This issue shows up when you are trying to play a Netflix video on Android and the platform stops playing the video. This is when you will see the error prompt with the error code 5.10 on Netflix.

Let’s discuss the different solutions for this error code in our next section.

How to solve the error code 5.10 on Netflix?

The error code 5.10 on Netflix is an issue with the video player on Android devices. This will pause the video playback.

While there are many video playback errors on Netflix, the error code 5.10 is specifically related to the Android video player. Let’s discuss the possibilities for this error code and the solutions for it.

Fix 1: Restart your device

The Android video player might not be the platform that is at fault alone. There might be some issues on the device that are causing issues with other platforms too. You just might not notice other issues because you are on Netflix.

In this case, you need to restart the device. Restarting the device causes the elimination of temporary glitches on the device. This also causes clearance of the working memory of the device which helps in programs loading faster.

Fix 2: Clear the device cache

The cache data on your device is designed to help with apps and programs loading faster. This sounds like a very constructive tool but it can truly become harmful if you do not know that this data needs to be cleared every once in a while. If the cache files are not cleared, it clouds the working memory of the device, or in this case, RAM.

You can attempt to clear the device memory by clearing out the useless data files.

Fix 3: Check your network connection

Netflix functions on a regular connection to the server through the internet. If the internet connection is weak, you will have a problem downloading the content.

Usually, this issue shows up as buffering during the video but in other cases, it can also show up in the form of various error codes like the code 5.10.

You can check your internet connection with the help of any internet speed meter. These platforms provide you with the upload and download speed report for free. If you find that the connection is slow, talk to your internet service provider or change your internet plan.

Fix 4: Restart the app

The Netflix app can also be a victim of temporary crashes and glitches. It can cause the playback to stop and you will see the error code 5.10.

To clear the app memory, restart the app. This also causes the processes for the app to restart and a new connection to the internet is established. This also eliminates the network glitches on the app.

You can also try to force-stop the app so that all the processes related to the app are truly paused and then restarted. Here is how you can do this.

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Click on Apps
  • On the list of apps, click on Netflix
  • Tap on Netflix and hold the icon.
  • Now from the options you see, click on App Info
  • Click on Force Stop
  • Now relaunch the app and it should help

Fix 5: Update the Netflix app

The Netflix app should be updated regularly. This is because the developmental team on Netflix works constantly on updating the features and security of the app.

These features reach your device in the form of updates. If you do not download the updates, then you will not be able to access the latest version of the app. This will cause incompatibility with the Netflix server and your version of the app.

When you face the error code, check if there are any new updates available that you have not downloaded yet. Update to the latest version and see if the issue gets resolved.

Fix 6: Update your device

The device that you are using needs constant updates for functioning properly. If the important updates are missed, you will not be able to use a lot of functions on the device.

This will also cause you to face a lot of bugs on the device that have been eliminated in the latest update.

The functionality and the security of the device are also updated through the download of the latest version of the device’s operating system. Check for the latest version of software updates on the device and make sure that you are not missing out on them.

Fix 7: Contact the Netflix support team

The Netflix support team is very serious about their customer experiences. They always want that the customers are having the best time on the platform without facing any issues. If you have tried all the above solutions and are still perplexed about what is the issue, you can contact the Netflix support team without any hesitation.

When you raise a support query, the team will get back to you with a resolution of the issue and this is also catered to your personal device for future use.

To conclude

The Netflix error code 5.10 is an issue with the playback of the app on Android devices. This can be attributed to many reasons that we have discussed in the article above.

We have also suggested possible solutions for each issue.

Hopefully, this resource was useful to you and you were able to get rid of the error code 5.10 on Netflix.

Keep following for more technical advice. 

Happy Streaming!!

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