How To Fix Netflix Error Code 5.7.6?

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Netflix Error Code 5.7.6

As per the official information shared by Netflix, the error code 5.7.6 occurs mainly with Android Phones and tablets. And the error should get resolved by simply relaunching the app, or after restarting the device. If not then you should get in touch with the Netflix support team to have further assistance.

Error says,

There is a problem playing the video. Please try again. (5.7.6)

How To Fix Netflix Error Code 5.7.6?

Fix 1: Quit And Reopen The App

The very first thing you need to do is to simply restart the app.

Simply quit the Netflix app and then remove it from the background app section to completely close the app. Then after a few seconds later relaunch the app.

Alternatively, you can also follow these steps on your Android phone or tablet: Press and hold the Netflix app icon > tap App Info > then tap Force Close. Then relaunch the app and check if an error still appears.

Fix 2: Restart Device

If the error still occurs even after relaunching the app then try restarting your phone.

Simply press and hold the power button on your Android phone or tablet. Once the option appears on the screen tap on the Restart option.

Once the phone restarts, check if the error still persists.

Fix 3: Check For Updates

If even restarting your phone fails to resolve the error then check if you are using the latest version of the Netflix app or not.

To check if there are any pending updates for the Netflix app or not, simply go to the app store and search for the Netflix app. If there will be any pending updates available for Netflix then you will see the update option next to the app.

Fix 4: Contact Netflix

Above we have mentioned all the workarounds shared by Netflix for this error. If the error still persists then check and get in touch with the Netflix support team to report this error.

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