How To Fix netflix error code nw-6-504?

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Netflix Error Code Nw-6-504

During our research, we didn’t find much information regarding the Netflix error code NW-6-504. Even Netflix didn’t mention this error code in their help section. So we don’t know exactly what is causing this error but we have found some workarounds to get rid of the error.

How To Fix Netflix error code NW-6-504?

Fix 1: Check Your Internet

Before going into troubleshoots please make sure that your internet has no issues. To check your internet connection first restart your router and then try accessing any other website or app on your device. Now check if other websites and apps are working fine over your internet or not.

Also, check your internet speed by visiting any internet speed test website.

If in case you find any problem with the internet then contact your ISP.

Fix 2: Check Netflix Server Status

If the Netflix server is having some issues then these kinds of errors are very common and users have to wait till the Netflix server gets back to normal.

To check Netflix server status go here and check if there is any update on server maintenance or server outrage.

You can also visit to find out if the Netflix server has any ongoing outrage with their server.

If in case you find that Netflix has some kind of problem with their server then you have to wait till their server gets back to normal.

Fix 3: Reinsatll Netflix

If in case your internet is working fine, and the Netflix server is also up with no problem then you can try reinstalling Netflix as the last workaround.

If even reinstalling Netflix doesn’t fix the error code then you need to contact Netflix support to report the error.

  • Uninstall Netflix App.
  • After that restart the device.
  • Once the device is restarted, reinstall Netflix.
  • Now check if the error has been resolved or not.

Fix 4: Contact Netflix

As I mentioned above that if in case you still receive the error even after reinstalling Netflix then you should contact Netflix Support for better help and advice.

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