How To Fix Netflix error code s7361-1253?

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In this article, we will discuss Netflix error code s7361-1253. We will discuss what it means when you see this error code on Netflix while streaming, what could be the reasons for the same, and most importantly, how can the error be fixed.

What does the error code s7361-1253 mean on Netflix?

By researching quite a bit on this s7361-1253 error we have noticed that this error code is specific to Macbook computers. The users have reported that while they are in the middle of streaming content on Netflix through their Macbook, the screen starts flickering and freezing, then there is a display of the error code s7361-1253 on the screen.

The error code s7361-1253 on Macbook while streaming Netflix indicates that the browser that you are using for streaming Netflix is not supported by Netflix. In this case, Safari.

Users have reported that as soon as they switch to Google Chrome, the error code leaves their side.

The latest version of Safari that you get after updates is reported to have this error code displayed most frequently.

What are the reasons behind the error code ns7361-1253 on Netflix?

Now that we have already discussed that this is a Macbook-specific issue and occurs when the version of Safari that you are using is not compatible with the Netflix streaming, let us discuss the culprits behind the error code.

Here are some of the reasons that can be used to explain the error code s7361-1253 on Netflix streaming.

  • There is a cache buildup on your browser.
  • The version of Safari that you are using is not supported by Netflix
  • The operating system on your device is a fault

How To Fix Netflix error code s7361-1253?

Fix 1: Use another browser for streaming Netflix

This is not so much a fix as it is a workaround to the problem that you are facing. If you are not hell-bent on only using the Safari browser, you can download Google Chrome and use that for Netflix streaming purposes.

You can also use other browsers such as Brave and that might provide you a workaround to this error code unless you can fix the issue that is at the core.

Fix 2: Clear cache on the browser that you are using

The cache buildup on the browser is the worst enemy for many processes that you might need to use the browser for.

The cache is supposed to be of help by saving the needed information and initiating launches without delay but in most cases, it just hogs the memory and that is a big problem.

Some users have tried to clear the cache on the browser to get rid of this error as suggested by the official website support and they have found that this fix works.

Try clearing the cache on your browser and it might help you get rid of the error code s7361-1253 on Netflix streaming.

Fix 3: Initiate a restart

Apparently the first solution that Netflix support offers when you describe this error code, is that you initiate a restart.

Here are the recommended steps to follow.

  • Initiate a system shutdown. Wait for 3 minutes.
  • Restart the system
  • Now clear the cookies on the browser and log in to the Netflix account again.

This is a fix that has worked for many users as well.

Fix 4: Reinstall the operating system

If the operating system on the device is faulty, you will need to initiate a complete reinstall of the operating system.

Before you do this though, you need to understand that you will lose many set preferences and this is not something you should take lightly if you have lots of important data on your computer.

You can also try to update the operating system before you try this step.

Fix 5: Downgrade the version of Safari that you are using

If you are at the latest update on the Macbook, that means your Safari browser is also automatically updated to the latest version.

This version of Safari, version 13.1 to be specific is not compatible with Netflix streaming.

Since there is no option to arbitrarily downgrade Safari, you will need to take extraordinary measures to downgrade the version of Safari that you are using.

Here is the roadmap to how you can do that.

  • Go to the Safari preferences
  • Click on the Advanced options
  • Click on the View Developer menu
  • From Menu bar Developer version, click on User Agent
  • Now click on Safari-iOS 13.1.3 (iPad).

The user who suggested this fix swears by it and has gone as far as to say that they have never seen this fix not work.

This might be definitely worth a try if you are ready to fiddle with your Safari preferences.

Fix 6: Do an NVRAM/PRAM reset

Some users in the Apple community suggest this fix when asked about the error code s7361-1253.

This is a very technical fix ad you will need the complete set of steps to initiate this process and it might still not solve your problem.

Here is the link to the official document on the steps that are required for an NVRAM reset.

Fix 7: Contact the Netflix Support team

If none of the fixes above seem to work for you then it is time to contact the Netflix support team with your issue.

They have experience in dealing with all the error codes on the system and can provide you with the best technical advice in the matter.

In fact, most of the solutions that are discussed in this section are affiliated with the Netflix official support and they themselves suggest these fixes when they hear about this error code.


The error code s7361-1253 on Netflix indicates that the browser you are using for streaming is not compatible with Netflix streaming.

We have made a list of the fixes that the users have added to the community with the affirmation that these work. We hope that this article is helpful to you to get rid of the error code s7361-1253 and get back on Netflix streaming.

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