How To Fix Netflix error code tvq-st-144?

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Netflix error code tvq-st-144

Netflix has changed the definition of relaxing. Of course, the better lingo for this is Netflix and Chill.

It is great till the time you are enjoying uninterrupted streaming on the platform but what happens when you encounter an error?

This is not a unicorn that you will experience once in a lifetime. Many users encounter errors on the platform regularly.

This is inevitable with any software because there are so many components involved that need to work properly to get the platform to function. What you can ask for in this situation is to have proper error codes and their explanations through user support so that you can fix the error as soon as possible.

In this article, we will take a look at the Netflix error code tvq-st-144.  We will take a look at the exact meaning of the error code as well as the circumstances that this error code shows up.

So, let’s fix the streaming issues on your Netflix and get you back to the Chill!!

What is the the error code tvq-st-144 on Netflix?

Let us start with producing the meaning of the error code tvq-st-144 on Netflix. What are the different identification factors of this error code and what do you need to look out for when you experience the error code?

When you experience the error code tvq-st-144 on Netflix, it means that there is a problem with the local files saved on your device. 

You might also receive a prompt to refresh the data on your device along with the error message.

In the next section, let’s understand the circumstances for this error code to show up.

reasons Behind error code tvq-st-144 on Netflix

There are many reasons that you might see this error code on Netflix. The reasons are necessary to find out in order to take care of the root cause of the problem.

Different issues need different attention. Hence, take a look at the list that we make in this section to get a hold of the reasons behind the error code.

Here are the reasons why you might be facing the error code tvq-st-144 on Netflix.

  • The internet connection is weak
  • The Netflix servers are down
  • The DNS settings are misconfigured
  • You have extensions on the web browser that are interfering with Netflix.
  • The VPN you are using is interfering with Netflix
  • There is a cache overload on the device memory.
  • There is a connection problem on the Smart TV probably the LAN cable
  • The browser you are using is glitching

Now that we have the list of the issues we can work on solving the problem.

How To Fix Netflix error code tvq-st-144?

We hope that before coming to this section you have already explored the list of reasons behind the error code tvq-st-144.

This list was prepared to give you better insight into the error. 

Here is how you can fix the error code tvq-st-144 on Netflix.

Fix 1: Check the internet connection

One of the major root causes of the streaming platform errors is a weak internet connection. This is sometimes hard to identify when all the other apps connected to the same network are working fine.

However, the internet connection needs to have a stable speed to run the streaming services like Netflix.

You can easily check the internet connection speed on the internet through free internet speed meters. Once you find out that the speed of the connection is low, contact your internet service provider to change your plan accordingly.

Fix 2: Browser Glitch

The browser that you use for the streaming of Netflix content can cause various error codes to show up.

The easy solution to this is just to press the refresh button on the browser.

If the refreshing does not work for the browser then you can try other solutions.

Fix 3: Change the DNS settings

The DNS settings on the device that you are using might be the issue for the identification of the IP address.

This can also cause errors on the Netflix stream. 

If you have enabled custom settings on the DNS, it is time that you change it back to manual before trying to stream the content again.

This might solve your problem if DNS was the core issue.

Fix 4: Disable the VPN that you are using

Many sites that charge you a subscription fee for using their services do not allow Virtual Private Networks while using the services.

Netflix is also on this list and therefore you will notice that there are many services on Netflix that glitch while using a VPN.

To solve this issue, disable the VPN for the duration of Netflix streaming. Also, shut down all the processes that might be going on in the background related to the VPN.

For some users, this immediately eliminated the error code.

Fix 5: Disable the Browser extensions

There are some notorious browser extensions that interfere with a lot of programs on the browser. 

These can be disabled for the timeline of the Netflix stream just like the VPN processes to make sure that there is no interference due to the extensions.

Fix 6: There is a connection problem with the LAN cable or Wifi on your Smart TV

If you are facing this problem on a smart TV then there is a possibility that the LAN cable connection is weak or the Wifi connection that you are using on the TV is weak. 

It only takes a minute to check if the Lan cable connection on the TV is secure. If you find the connection to be loose, connect the wire again and check if the issue is resolved.

Fix 7: Clear Cache

The Cache is an important tool to remember different login information and make pages that you frequent load faster.

However, sometimes the cache and cookies on the browser work adversely and hog the memory space needed for uninterrupted streaming.

When you face the error code tvq-st-144, clear the cookies and cache on your device, and then relaunch the platform to check if the issue is resolved.

Fix 8: Router Glitch

If the router that you are using for the internet connection is glitching, the easy option is to reboot the router and check again.

Also, check if the router firmware is updated to the latest version as missing important updates can lead to a terrible internet connection.

If the router is stuck and you can’t shake things with a reboot, you can also try the factory reset option on the router. 

However, this will delete all the saved preferences on the router and you will have to make peace with it.

Fix 9: Contact Netflix support

If the tried and tested solutions mentioned above do not help you with the error code  tvq-st-144, you can always contact the Netflix customer support helpline.

Describe the issue to them and they will suggest some steps according to the unique situation that you are facing.

You can also ask a question on the user forums for Netflix. Other users on the forum might help you with their personal tried solutions.


The error code  tvq-st-144 on Netflix is a connection error and also indicates that you might have some trouble with the locally saved files on your device.

We have compiled a list of reasons as well as the fixes to this problem to make sure that you do not have to browse a hundred pages to get hands-on this information.

We hope that this was helpful. Keep following for more technical help.

Happy Streaming!!

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