How To Fix Netflix Error “NSES-404”?

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Netflix Error NSES-404

Technology is prone to Errors and Glitches be it software or hardware. Online streaming apps are not exceptional in this case and you may find some errors on your screen once in a while.

If you are a user of Netflix and you are seeing “Error NSES-404?” then you must be thinking about why this error is disturbing you.

This error usually occurs when your search conditions do not generate a correct result. On Netflix, this error may come while you are looking for a movie or web series which is not available in your location. This error is most frequent among the users who use laptops or desktops to watch Netflix.

How To Fix “Netflix Error NSES-404”?

Fix 1: Use a VPN to Unblock Netflix:

  • To understand it in simple terms, if you want to watch any movie which is restricted to or available in any specific country only, then you must select a dedicated for that country as the show is only available to the users of that country.
  • So if you are wishing to watch any show or web series which is not available in your region then you need a VPN. You can select VPN among these, Express VPN, Surf Shark, and NordVPN.
  • If you have successfully installed one of these VPNs on your system, look to see if the content which you are wishing to watch is available in your location or not. Then select the country where your content is available, and then reload your Netflix page. Once you have connected your VPN to that server check if the error has gone or not.

Fix 2: Connect Your VPN to a Different Region:

  • The availability of content in your location or changing your location and VPN as per contents availability is very necessary. To switch according to the content availability, you should use a Netflix-compatible VPN such as Express VPN, Surf Shark, NordVPN, etc. Once you have confirmed the content’s location, connect your PC to that specific VPN server.
  • In case you are using Low Quality or free VPN and it doesn’t help you. Then find a server in that country and if you don’t find it, then uninstall it and replace it with a new one.

Fix 3: Server Is Down

  • Sometimes this error occurs when your Netflix server is down, which is an occasional trait and never takes place frequently.
  • You can confirm this by using Netflix on other devices.
  • If Netflix is not working on the other devices too. Or if any of the Netflix titles is not playing then you have confirmed that the server is down.
  • In this situation, you should patiently wait until the Netflix server gets backs to live again.

Fix 4: Reset The Internet

  • If you have changed your VPN and also seen that the server is not down and still this code is bothering you while streaming content then you should reset your Device and Router.
  • To establish a good connection “Reset” the Internet devices and the device which you are using for Netflix streaming.
  • Unplug the Modem and Router from the electric outlet for 1 minute. 
  • After 1 minute plug in back the power cable of the Router and Modem.
  • Meanwhile, reset your device on which you are using Netflix which helps it to optimize the IP Address.
  • Now power on the modem and router to check if Error 404 has gone or not.

Fix 5: Check If Any Chrome Extensions Is Causing Issue

  • If you are facing this Error “404” on Netflix and you are using Google Chrome Browser then the Problem can occur due to any Browser extension.
  • This “404” not found” error occurs due to unnecessary extensions installed by you on your Browser.
  • So to fix this issue, you should delete all of the unnecessary extensions on Google Chrome.
  • After you have deleted all unwanted extensions, Reboot the Google Chrome browser.
  • To restart or reset the Chrome browser, open the address bar and type “ chrome://restart “ in it.
  • Now you can notice that the browser shuts down and restarts, and all the tabs opened previously and any other windows which you have opened with chrome will be restored back.
  • Once the browser restarts check if the issue has been fixed.

Fix 5: Contact Netflix Support

If you have tried all the troubleshoots listed above but are still unable to get rid of the issue then you should contact Netflix Customer support for better help and advice.

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