How To Fix Netflix Error Subcode 1103 Http Code 503?

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Netflix Error Subcode 1103 Http Code 503

Netflix Error Subcode 1103 Http Code 503 indicates the network connectivity problem. It means that your network is preventing your device from reaching Netflix service.

Below we are going to provide possible workarounds to fix Netflix Error Subcode 1103 Http Code 503.

Fixes For Netflix Error Subcode 1103 Http Code 503

Fix 1: You Are Using Public Network

If you are using a public wifi network such as a cafe, hotel, or school then most probably video services like Netflix are blocked on their network.

To confirm that you can use your mobile hotspot or any alternate internet to check if Netflix is working over other networks or not.

Fix 2: Test Your Internet

If you are using a private wifi connection but still have the error then you need to test your internet.

To test your internet connection stability and speed, you can visit any internet speed test website.

If you find that your internet is slow or unstable then you need to restart your internet by following the steps given below.

  • Power off your router by unplugging the power cord from the outlet.
  • Now wait for around 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Then plug the power cable back into the outlet, and wait till the router restarts.
  • Now check if you still have the error. If you still have the error then contact your ISP.

Fix 3: Restore your default connection settings

If in case you recently changed your device connection settings then change it back to the default.

We are talking about any custom modem settings, using a VPN, or using custom DNS.

Fix 4: Contact Support

If in case it’s your internet that is having the issue and you are unable to fix the issue by yourself then you need to contact your ISP.

But if in case your internet is working fine, and it’s Netflix that is having the issue then you can contact Netflix support.

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