How To Fix Netflix Error tvq-nw-100?

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Last Updated on June 3, 2023
Netflix Error tvq-nw-100

As per Netflix, they are still investigating this error to find possible workarounds. And if the users are having this error then they need to get in touch with Netflix support to report the error.

You can see the screenshot given below where Netflix has clearly mentioned it.

But this error also has been discussed in Reddit and other communities where some users have claimed to fix this error by trying different workarounds.

Below in this post, we are going to provide user-shared workarounds which you can try before contacting Netflix support.

How To Fix Netflix Error tvq-nw-100?

Fix 1: Disable OpenDNS

This solution was shared on Reddit and the user has been advised to access the router settings and disable the OpenDNS.

So check your router settings and if OpenDNS is enabled then consider disabling it.  

Fix 2: Check the Netflix server status

If disabling the OpenDNS doesn’t fix the error then go to the Netflix Server Status page, and check if everything is okay with the Netflix service.

If Netflix is down for some reason then this error might be the result of that so you need to wait for some time and try again.

Fix 3: If Having The error On Roku

If you are getting this error on Roku then check if you can access the other channels.

Also, try removing Netflix from your Roku device, and after that restart the Roku. And then try re-adding Netflix.

Fix 4: Try Using it On Any Other Device

If the error still continues then try using Netflix on any other device to confirm if the issue is with the device or the Netflix.

We will also suggest switching to any other internet connection to check if this is not your internet which is conflicting with Netflix.

Fix 5: Make Sure Netflix And Your Device Are Updated

Also, check and make sure that your device and Netflix are updated with the latest software version.

If in case there is any pending update for Netflix or your device then consider installing the update.

Fix 7: Contact Netflix

If the error still doesn’t get fixed then you need to get in touch with Netflix support to report this error.

At this moment Netflix support is your best possible bet against this error.

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