How To Fix If “Netflix not working on Xfinity”?

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Netflix Not Working On Xfinity

Xfinity is a big name in the connectivity sector these days. They provide you with streaming, entertainment, internet, and wireless services. To get all the experiences in one, people upgrade to the Xfinity devices.

However, what happens when you want to unwind with Netflix at the end of the day and you find that the Xfinity device is not letting you access Netflix at all? Well, in these cases you go to the internet and Google how to fix if Netflix not working on Xfinity and that is exactly how you landed on this page.

Now that you are here, compiling the user experiences from over the internet and the company suggested fixes, we will talk about what can be the problem behind this. We will also discuss the various solutions at length that can be used to get Netflix running on Xfinity.

Why is Netflix not working on Xfinity?

No one reason can explain the error for everyone. Different things could go wrong leading to Netflix not loading through Xfinity.

Let us discuss all of them in a little detail so that you can figure out on your own what is wrong with your particular connection.

Reason 1: Internet connection

The internet connection being weak is one of the major culprits on the devices that are reliant on the connection for streaming.

This is not a problem limited to just the Xfinity connection. This problem also occurs with the other connections. The first thing that you should check when something does not load, is the internet connection.

Reason 2: Netflix app glitch

It is possible that the connection is fine and everything on Xfinity’s end is fine but the Netflix app is glitching. 

In this case, you will need to fix the Netflix app before you can get it to stream.

Reason 3: Router Problems

In some cases, the router may have problems with the hardware or the software. The cables to the router might be loose or the router might be glitching. 

In such cases, you will need to figure out the exact problem with the router, solve it and then try to stream Netflix again.

Reason 4: Cache problems

The Netflix app may have the memory backed up with cache and this can cause streaming problems on your device. 

You will need to clear the cache before you can get the app to function at the potential that is needed.

Reason 5: Xfinity Server Outage

Sometimes, the servers at the Xfinity gateway are also backed up with too much load. In such cases, the server will face an outage and you will not be able to use the streaming services like Netflix through the gateway.

How To Fix If “Netflix not working on Xfinity”?

Now that we have discussed all the potential issues that could cause the Netflix streaming to fail, we will now discuss different solutions in detail so that you can easily apply the fixes and get the Netflix streaming back on.

Fix 1: Connectivity Problems

When you face the issue with Netflix, look for the internet connection problems. Try loading something other than Netflix and if it still does not load, there is something wrong with the Xfinity gateway or the internet connection.

Check the speed of your connection and if you feel that the connection has been slow for a very long time, contact your internet service provider for support.

Fix 2: Netflix app Glitch

If the Netflix app is the only one causing trouble with streaming, then it might be an isolated problem with the Netflix app. However, it is not much serious and there are many easy fixes that you can try to get the app to function.

  • Check for updates on the app and make sure that the app is updated to the latest version to avoid facing glitches.
  • Clear the cache on the app so that the memory that is backed up with the cache, can be cleared and the app can load without problems.
  • If nothing works, uninstall the app and download it again. This time when you download it again, it will automatically be the latest version and a fresh start for the Netflix app.

One of the three fixes will get you back on track with Netflix app if the app was the problem in the first place.

Fix 3: Router issues

The router is a complex device and needs to be working correctly to securely establish an internet connection and power the devices that are dependent on the internet.

Many different problems can cause the router to not work properly but before calling the support there are many fixes that you can try on your own to try to fix the router.

#Check the cables

Facing a problem with the router your first step should be to look if the wires on the router are connected properly. Also, look for the protection of the wires. The wires should not be twisted and should be covered for extra protection so that they do not break.

#Restart the router

This will establish a fresh connection to the internet and face minor glitches with the router for uninterrupted streaming.

Here is how you can do this.

  • Switch off the router
  • Unplug the router and disconnect all the cables.
  • Let the router stay off for the next two minutes.
  • Plug in the cables again making sure that the connections are secure.
  • Switch on the router.

#Reset the router

If the above fixes do not help you with your router, then you can reset the router. However, you should think about this step beforehand because it will lead to the deletion of all your preferences and the device will get back to factory mode.

Here is how you can reset the router.

  • Locate the physical reset button on your router. Usually, this is found at the back of the router.
  • Use the pin that you use to eject the sim card tray from the phone or a similar object.
  • Press the reset button with the pin and hold for about 30-40 seconds.
  • Release the button
  • The router will go through a hard reset.

This should solve your problems with the router and if the router is still glitching, then it is a hardware issue with the router.

Fix 4: Server Outage at Xfinity

When the outage is from the Xfinity end, there is very little that you can do. This is an issue that affects all the users simultaneously and you should be sure that the Xfinity team is working very hard to resolve the issue on their end.

Fix 5: Hardware Problems

When there is a hardware issue with one of your devices or the router, the only thing that you can do is, contact the professional for help in fixing the same.

This issue cannot be fixed at home by you due to the lack of expertise and tools.

Fix 6: Contact the Xfinity Support

When none of the fixes have worked for you and you are confused about what exactly the problem is, you should call Xfinity support.

On describing your exact problem, the customer care executive will suggest the next source of action for you to get your problem fixed.


Netflix streaming problems are a common occurrence and if you are facing this problem, you are not alone. Many people having the experience with this issue drop their problems and the related solutions on the internet.

We have looked at all the probable problems and their solutions before including them in this blog so that they can be of help when you ask the internet for solutions. If you are unsure about any solution at any point and fear that the device might be damaged by your actions, always contact a professional to help you with it.

We hope that this information was helpful. Stay tuned for more updates and solutions to different technical problems.

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