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Todays we are living in the age of technology where internet is very easily available wherever you go, and at a very decent price.

Which revolutionize the entire streaming industry today peoples are preferring to OTT platforms over the tradition cable or satellite tv.

Netflix and Prime Videos are two very popular streaming services of todays generation, so here in this post i am going to compare these two streaming services to find which streaming service is best.

Netflix Vs. Amazon Prime Video

Quick Answer,

The main difference between Prime Video and Netflix is that Prime Video is owned by Amazon and it’s part of Amazon Prime Membership and offer serval Prime Original content exclusive to their platform while Netflix is an American subscription streaming service and production company which offers Netflix Original content exclusive to the Netflix.

What Is Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent example of how a streaming website should be. There are many successful streaming websites out there like Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and more.

However, Amazon Prime Video is arguably one of the most successful streaming services out there. Not just because they are backed by tech giant Amazon Inc, but how they have placed their service and designed them for its users.

What is Netflix?

Similarly, Netflix is also a leading OTT streaming platform. The Netflix service is available on almost all the devices out there.

The company was originally started in 1997 and is probably one of the first streaming services. The service has become very popular in the 2010s.

Along with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services on the market with over 208 million viewers.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video (Comparison)


Winner – Amazon Prime Video 

Netflix is priced at:

  • $8.99/£5.99 a month for 1 screen in standard definition.
  • $13.99/£9.99 a month for 2 screens in Full HD.
  • $17.99/£13.99 a month for 4 screens in Full HD and 4K HDR.

Netflix subscription starts at $8.99 for the basic plan in which you can not access HD videos. Two other plans are depending upon the number of screens.

In the $13.99 plan, you will get access to 2 screens as well as content in full HD. In the $17.99 plan, you will get access to 4 screens simultaneously in Full HD as well as 4K HDR wherever it is available.

Amazon Prime Video is priced at:

  • $8.99/£7.99 a month for 2 screens at one time in 4K HDR
  • $119/£79 a year for 2 screens at one time in 4K HDR with other Amazon Prime benefits.

Amazon Prime Video starts at $8.99 for a month in which you can simultaneously watch content on 2 screens in full HD.

Also, you can take the Amazon Prime subscription for $119 a year, and you will get loads of other benefits that are associated with Amazon Prime.

Ease of Usage

Winner – Netflix

Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are brilliantly designed and offer a very user-friendly interface. The feature that makes Netflix easier for users to use is that it has a uniform design across all platforms.

You can access the service on any device, and you will find the same format and buttons listed exactly uniformly across the application.

In Amazon Prime Video, you will find the same Content listed in entirely different ways when you open the service on different devices.


Winner – Tie

There are a lot of TV shows and movies listed on both streaming platforms. The choice is very subjective and comes down to the liking of the user.

Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have their own production houses and produce content, especially for their websites.

Along with their production movies and TV shows, there is a lot of other content listed on both platforms. You can access these libraries and decide on your own which platform’s content is more suitable for you.


Winner – Tie

The device list supported by Netflix is infinite. Netflix is compatible with almost every device out there.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video had a far more conservative approach when it came to device compatibility.

Most of it has changed now, and Amazon Prime Video is also available across most of the smart devices out there. Make sure that the streaming platform you are opting for supports all the devices you have. 

Streaming Quality

Winner – Tie

Both the platforms, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have content listed in full HD and 4K HDR. Netflix may have more content in 4K HDR, but it comes down to the preference of the user that what they like.

You would not experience disappointment by the lack of streaming quality in any of the two services. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are completely suitable for any screen size you want to play the content on.

Other Features

Winner – Tie

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer different sets of features to their users. Like in Amazon Prime Video, you can add channels to your Amazon Prime Video account, making it closer to your cable subscription.

However, in Netflix, you can create user profiles and customize your profile icons, they also show you recommended content and the watchlist you created.

Similarly, Amazon Prime Video offers X-Ray features for trivia and information about the video you are playing. Both services have features that are very useful for users. You have to choose which features you value more.


Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have their perks, and there are many benefits associated with both services.

You can read the article above and assess on your own which service will be more suitable for you. We guarantee you one thing that you would not be disappointed with either one of them.

Now, we hope you can compare Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video and decide which streaming service is the best. Thank you for visiting our website.

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