How To Fix Nintendo DS Error Code 52000 And 50000?

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As per the official information shared by Nintendo, the error code 52000 means that the system was unable to obtain an IP Address from the wireless network. In simple terms, this error is a connectivity error from your router.

You may also get this error if you are trying to connect online with a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi game because Nintendo has discontinued the online functionality for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games.

Nintendo DS Error Code 52000 And 50000

How To Fix Nintendo DS Error Code 52000?

Fix 1: Are You Using Nintendo DS Connections?

Are you getting this error while using Nintendo DS Connections on your Nintendo 3DS family system?

If yes then instead of using Nintendo DS Connections use the standard Connection Settings option.

If you don’t know about standard Connection Settings then you can visit this guide.

Fix 2: Power Cycle Your Modem And Router

If the connection was working perfectly previously and you started to get the error recently then perform a power cycle for your Modem And Router.

  • Unplug the power cable of the Modem And Router.
  • Make sure all the lights on the Modem And Router are off. If you are using a battery-powered router then you are required to remove the battery.
  • Now wait for around 60 seconds before powering on your Modem And Router.
  • After 60 seconds power on your Modem And Router.
  • Now check if the error still appears or not.

For more help with these steps, you can visit here.

Fix 3: Try Manually Entering the Network’s IP and DNS

If power cycling your home network doesn’t resolve the error then you should try to enter the network’s IP and DNS info manually into your system’s connection settings.

By doing this you can resolve any communication error.

If you don’t know how to manually Enter Network’s IP and DNS into your system settings then you can visit this official guide by Nintendo.

Fix 4: Make Sure There Is Not Any Kind Of Wireless interference

Any kind of wireless interference between your Nintendo device and wifi can also lead to such errors. So make sure there is not any kind of wireless interference present between your router and Nintendo console.

  • Make sure your Nintendo device is not too far from your Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure there are no metal or electronic devices present between your wifi and your Nintendo device.

Fix 6: Check Your Router Settings

If the error still persists then access your router settings and inspect all the settings. And if in case you find any setting which might create such issues then consider changing it or disabling it.

Especially check if MAC filtering is enabled, if yes then it can block unallowed devices from connecting to your network.

Fix 7: Connect With Any Other Internet Connection

If everything is okay with your router settings but the error continues then try using any alternate internet connection.

You can use any alternate Wifi connection or a mobile hotspot.

If connecting to an alternate Wifi connection is fixing the error then you need to get in touch with your ISP to report this issue, so they can help you to resolve the issue.

But if in case you still have the error over the alternate internet connection then get in touch with Nintendo Support.

Note: You can also refer to this Reddit thread where this error has been discussed. Maybe you find any helpful information which help you resolve the issue.

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