How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 102-2613?

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Nintendo Error Code 102-2613

When you search for this error code on the official Nintendo website, you will see that you will not find any specific discussion on this error code.

However, looking at the user forums like Reddit, you can find out that this Nintendo error is typically associated with authentication issues when users try to connect their Nintendo ID to a Wii U console. Some other users have also reported seeing this error message when trying to access certain online features.

In this article, we will discuss in-depth the Nintendo error code 102-2613.

Since there is not much to find on the official support forum for Nintendo, we will discuss mostly the solutions that have been discussed by the users on different forums.

Let’s get into it without further delay.

How to get rid of Nintendo error 102-2613?

As we have already discussed in the above section, according to the user discussions on the user forums, the error code is associated with authentication issues. Users have reported that they see this error message when they are attempting to sign in or create a new Nintendo ID on their console.
There can be many reasons behind this and we will discuss each one of them in detail so that you can have a clear road map of what to do when you encounter this error. 

Fix 1: Change the security settings on your router

There are some security settings on the router that can interfere with the authentication processes on different platforms. By changing your router security settings from WPA2 to WPA or WEP you can get rid of this issue. This is a tried and tested solution that has helped many users with this issue.

Fix 2: Disable the VPN or proxy settings

If you are using a virtual private network to connect to the Nintendo console, then you should disable all the processes related to the VPN.

A virtual private network can be very helpful for browsing the Internet safely, but many platforms do not allow the use of a VPN as it can interfere with the authentication processes of the platform. 

The same is the case with proxy settings. If you’re using any proxy settings or VPN disable all the processes related to them.

Fix 3: Update your network hardware

To be honest, were you even aware that you need to update your router and modem before we discussed it here?

We are sure that most of you would have answered with a no. unless people feel that there is a problem with Internet connectivity, they do not even understand that they need to regularly update their network hardware. When you face this error, check for the latest firmware update on your router and update your router.

Fix 4: Change some settings on the router

There are certain settings on your router that can interfere with your network connectivity. One of these is the quality of service setting. This setting helps prioritize other network traffic over the console’s connection.
Disable the QoS setting. This might help with your connectivity issues.

Fix 5: Switch your network

You can try to connect your console to a different Wi-Fi network or if you’re using a mobile hotspot, definitely consider switching to a wired network.

This change of network helps in cases where the network connectivity is poor due to a connection problem with your original service provider.

Fix 6: Reconfigure your router

If you cannot figure out what settings you need to change on your router to ensure the best connectivity, the solution is to reconfigure your router.

You can do this by resetting the router to its default settings and then going ahead with the reconfiguration process. Now enter the correct security settings and network configuration and your router would be good to function.

Fix 7: Check for console updates

Just like the network hardware, the console also needs to be running the latest version of the software. 

If you are missing important updates on the console, you will face a lot of errors like this one. By skipping major updates on the console you are not only letting go of the latest features, but you are also making your device vulnerable to several malicious attacks. Benefits this error code cheque for the latest update on the console and download the latest version if available.

Fix 8: Check the Wi-Fi network for captive portals

The Nintendo ID authentication process can be facing a major hurdle due to the Wi-Fi network that you are using. The cause? The Wi-Fi network that you’re trying to connect to is using a captive portal.

It’s easy to check if the Wi-Fi network is using a captive portal. You can do it by connecting to the network and then opening the web browser. If you are redirected to a login page or a page that requests your payment information, then the network is likely using a captive portal. 

To solve this issue, you can try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network. If it is not possible, you can also ask your Internet service provider to help with this issue.

Fix 9: Change the DNS settings

The Domain Name System settings on your network can be very important for your authentication on different platforms.

If your DNS settings are not configured properly, you will likely not be able to connect to a lot of platforms, but you can easily change it. You can manually set the DNS settings to Google’s public DNS servers ( and ). This might help with your connectivity issues.

Fix 10: Check the date and time settings on the Wii U console

A very unique issue presents in the form of date and time settings on the Wii U console. The date and time settings are not configured properly, there can be authentication issues with the console.
Make sure that the date and time settings on the Wii U console are properly configured.

Fix 11: Leave and come back later

When there is a lot of network traffic then you might not be able to complete the authentication process.

This leads to a lot of load on the server and a lot of processes come to a halt. There is nothing to be done on your part in such cases and you need to wait for the server outage to get resolved.

12: Contact the Nintendo support team

We have mentioned all the solutions that were discussed on the user forum and all the solutions that were tried and tested by different players.

If none of the above solutions have helped you with the error code, your only option is to contact the Nintendo support team with the issue. They will generate a personalized ticket for you and help you solve your issue with personalized attention.

To conclude

As we have mentioned, there is not a lot of information available on the Nintendo Error Code 102-2613. However, since many users have faced this at some point, there is a lot of user discussion on the forums.

We have extracted the best solutions from the discussions and mentioned them here. I hope that we were able to help you get rid of the issue. Keep following for more technical and gaming advice.

Happy gaming!! 

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