How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 20110?

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Nintendo Error Code 20110

Error code 20110 usually occurs on your screen when you are trying to access a service that has been discontinued by Nintendo.

These services include online play, matchmaking, and leaderboard for Wii, NintendoDS, and Nintendo DSi games.

Nintendo has officially announced this on their websites,

As of May 20, 2014, certain online functionality offered through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is no longer accessible. The discontinued services include online play, matchmaking, and leaderboards for many Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games. You will receive this error code when attempting to use an online feature affected by the end of these services.

YouTube ended its support for the Wii YouTube app on June 28, 2017. This error is also displayed when attempting to access the YouTube app.


Nintendo has also stopped online gaming services for games such as Mario Kart Wii or Super Smash Bros, so you can also get this error when you are playing these games.

In this article, we will share the possible workaround to help you in regard to this error code.

How To Get Around The WII Error Code 20110?

Fix 1: Try switching The Internet Type

Before going into any serious troubleshooting try switching your internet.

If you are using a Wifi connection then try using a mobile Hotspot. And in case you are using the Mobile Hotspot then try using the wifi connection.

Fix 2: Getting Past The Error Code 20110 in Pokemon Platinum

Try using a custom DNS to check if it fixes this issue.

We have found that it has worked for many users. Here is how you can do it.

  • Make sure that your Nintendo device is connected to the internet connection, if not follow this path.
  • Go to the System Settings and then select Internet Settings.
  • Now tap on Connection Settings from there, Add a new connection, and take on the tutorial to set up an internet connection on your device. 
  • Once your internet connection is established, Go to Change Settings and look for DNS.
  • It will ask you, if you want to “Auto obtain the DNS” you have to tap on “No”. Then you will then see a primary and secondary DNS.
  • Type 164.132. In the primary one and leave the secondary one with all zeros and hit the OK button.
  • Now check if the error still continues.

Note: you have to perform this task on your regular router instead of your phone Hotspot.

Fix 3: Install Homebrew

To install the Homebrew channel on your Wii you need a formatted SD card as FAT, minimum of 8 MB is enough to install it.

Also, you need to know the system version of your Wii which you can find in the top right corner of the Wii’s System Settings.

And you also need to know the MAC address of your Wii which is shown in the Network Settings.

If your system version starts with 4.3 go and fetch (Letter bomb), then to fetch click on the Link input your system version and Mac address on this page, fill in the captcha, and cut the red wire.

This process gives you a ZIP archive, which you need to decompress at the root of your SD card.

Insert the SD card in your Wii and go to the Message panel, click on the date of today or yesterday and look for the red envelope, click on the Envelope and follow the onscreen instructions to install the channel on your system.

In case you don’t see the Message option, go to the third page of the system settings and revert to factory settings.

Once you are done with these settings, check if you are able to play the Online game that has been discontinued.

Fix 4: Install Wiimmfi

Wiimmfi is an alternate gaming server where you can play a few games discontinued by Nintendo, all you need to download is autowiimfipatcher.

  • First of all, download the alternate gaming server “Autowiimfipatcher”.
  • Extracts its contents (apps and Bslug folders) to the root of your SD card.
  • Then check and confirm that you are connected to your WI-Fi Router.
  • Then insert your SD Card and game disc into your Nintendo device.
  • Launch Homebrew Channel and run the Auto Wimfii Patcher. The patcher will help you run the game without error code 20110.

Note: There are multiple things that you can do once you have installed Homebrew channel, you can play videos or DVDs with MplayerWii, emulate previous consoles like Snes9x GX, Wii64, etc.

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