How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 2124-0150?

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Last Updated on July 24, 2023

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Nintendo Error Code 2124-0150

Nintendo Error Code 2124-0150 shows when a user tries to link their Nintendo Account on Nintendo Switch.

And the error says: “This Nintendo Account is already being used on this console. Please link a different Nintendo Account.”

If you are experiencing this issue then in this post we are going to tell you the reasons for this error, and how you can resolve it. 

How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 2124-0150?

As per the information shared by Nintendo on their website you can’t link your Nintendo Account to more than one user on a single Nintendo Switch.

If your Nintendo Account has already been linked to another user then you can create a new Nintendo Account and link it to your user profile.

If you need to create a new Nintendo account but need help with this step then visit this guide.

If in case you are doing everything correctly but still having the error then power cycle your Nintendo device and then check for the error.

But in case the error still continues then you should get in touch with Nintendo support to find exactly what is it which is causing the error.

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