How To Fix Nintendo error code 2813-6838?

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Nintendo Error Code 2813-6838

Users may get the error code 2813-6838 while redeeming a Nintendo eShop Card.

So if you are getting this error code while redeeming the eShop Card then try our suggested troubleshoots to fix the Nintendo error code 2813-6838.

How To Fix Nintendo error code 2813-6838?

Fix 1: Check If You Are Entering The Card Correctly

First, make sure that you are entering the Nintendo eShop Card number correctly.

And once you are confirmed that you are entering the Nintendo eShop Card number correctly then move away to the next step.

Fix 2: Wait For 24 Hours

As per the information provided by Nintendo if the error still persists even if you are doing everything correctly then it’s advisable to wait for around 24 hours and then try again.

We are telling you to wait for 24 hours because sometimes there may be some delay in activating certain cards, and as a result, you may get this error.

Fix 3: it’s A Hight Traffic Time

High traffic during sales or holidays can lead to such issues. So we will recommend you do the same what we have suggested above, wait for some hours then try again.

Fix 4: Contact Nintendo

If the error still continues then you should contact Nintendo support so they can inspect the issue to provide you with accurate information regarding the error.

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