How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0119 And 2813-0119?

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Error code 9001-0119 and 2813-0119 are related to Nintendo eShop. And these error codes occur when a user fails to complete a purchase in Nintendo eShop. These are payment-related errors that may occur because of some issues with the payment method or because of any interruption while the transaction.

Below in this post, we are going to mention all the steps you can take whenever you receive these errors.

Nintendo Error Code 9001-0119 And 2813-0119

How To Fix Nintendo Error Codes 9001-0119 And 2813-0119?

Fix 1: Restart The Nintendo eShop

Many times some temporary glitches with the Nintendo eShop can cause such errors for no valid reasons, so before trying any troubleshoots we will suggest you to restart the Nintendo eShop.

  • Simply tap the Home Button and rerun to the Home menu, and now try to access eShop again.
  • If in case for some reason you are unable to return to Home Menu then try restarting the Nintendo Switch console or whatever device you are using to access Eshop. And then try accessing the Nintendo eShop again.

Fix 2: Use Another Card

If you are having the error while making the transaction from a credit or debit card then we will suggest you try another card.

Not everybody has more than 1 card with them but if this is possible for you then we will suggest you try it. Many times for unknown reasons the transaction doesn’t complete from a specific card, and using a different card can help fix the error.

Fix 3: Use PayPal

If using another card also leads to the same error, or if you don’t have any other card. Then you can use a Paypal account with the same debit or credit card.

There will be some extra hassle but this can help you complete the transaction with the Eshop.

Or alternatively, you can also add funds using Nintendo eShop prepaid cards. To know more you can visit this guide

Nintendo Error 9001-0119 And 2813-0119

Fix 4: Contact Nintendo

If the error still persists then you need to contact Nintendo, maybe your card needs to be reset in order to use it again for the Eshop transaction. Or maybe something else needed to be done.

Whatever is the case, if the error persists even after trying everything then it’s best to get in touch with the Nintendo support team.

Note: Even sometimes when Nintendo is going through server issues these errors can occur so you can also wait for sometime and try again.

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