How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-2470?

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As per our research error code 9001-2470 on Nintendo occurs when you try to purchase a game on the Nintendo website.

This error code appears only when you try to make a payment at the end of the purchase which indicates that the problem might be with your Credit Card.

As of now, there is not much information or guidelines have been issued by the manufacturer as to why this error code is taking place while purchasing a game, but Nintendo has suggested some guidelines for the users who are having this error code.

How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-2470?

Fix 1: Use Different Credit Card Or Debit Cards

The error code simply states that the card you are using to make the payment cannot be used. It’s very hard to say why this is happening. It can happen from your bank side or if Nintendo is not accepting your card for some reason.

The first thing you should do is check with your Bank if there is any issue from their side.

One thing that has worked for multiple users to solve this problem is to change the card and be it Credit or Debit.

Delete the saved card from your account, add the details of the new card and use this card to complete the purchase.

Fix 2: Add Funds Using Nintendo eShop Cards

If you still have the error even after using an alternate card then you can add the funds using Nintendo eShop Cards or a Paypal account.

After that try to complete your payment directly through the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo switch system.

If you are from Brazil or Mexico then you can use PIX and Boleto Bancário in Brazil, OXXO in Mexico. 

To get more details about adding funds to the Nintendo eShop you can visit this guide, How to Add Funds to Nintendo Switch eShop.

Fix 3: Switch To UK Region and Use Paypal

Many users have also claimed on the Nintendo support forums that changing the region to the UK and completing the purchase through Paypal has done wonders for them and the error did not bother them.

Make sure that no other region would work except the UK for a Paypal account linked to an SA card.

This purchase can cost you some extra money as the payment will take place in Pounds, but it is better than not being able to purchase the game.

Fix 4: Wait For 30 Days

If you are facing this issue on your device while purchasing a game from Nintendo, it could also mean that your Credit/Debit card has been blocked.

In such a scenario the best way to solve this error code is to not attempt any fresh purchases for the next 30 days. Or contact Nintendo support to request them to unblock your card.

Many users have claimed that this has worked for them, but make sure that 30 days should be precise because every time you try, it resets the clock.

Because of some card fraud issues previously, Nintendo has taken this step and now uses an automated State of the art adaptive machine learning fraud prevention, which blocks any card for the next 30 days if found suspicious.

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