How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-2473?

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Nintendo Error Code 9001-2473

There are so many digital products that the Nintendo Store offers to make your gaming experience more exciting, that this has become a unique selling point for the company.

However, when money is involved and the players face an error code, they panic much more.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix Nintendo error code 9001-2473.

This is an issue that the players face while they are making a purchase on the Nintendo Shop. This happens because of the 3-D secure authentication failure.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind the error code and the solutions that you can use to get rid of this issue.

Fixes For error code 9001-2473 on Nintendo

The error code 9001-2473 as we have already discussed above is a 3-D authentication failure on the Nintendo Shop.

You do not need to panic as we will help you complete your purchase by applying simple solutions for this issue. Here is how you can get rid of the error code.

Fix 1: Check if you are entering the right credit card information

The credit card information is a tricky detail to get right each time. There are so many numbers involved in the information, that sometimes it is really easy to mess up one or two numbers.

This can disrupt the entire credentials verification process on the Nintendo shop. When you first receive the error code 9001-2473, check if the credit card information you have entered is correct to the last number. This might solve your issue instantly if the credentials entered previously were wrong.

Fix 2: Check if you can use a different credit/debit card

There can be several issues when trying to use a card for purchase online. Some cards have limits on how many transactions you can carry online in a day, or in a month. Some cards can also get blocked because of suspicious activity.

In some cases, the server of the bank is down and therefore a particular card might not work. 

If you are also experiencing the error code 9001-2473 on the Nintendo Shop despite entering the correct credentials, you might need to consider using a different card.

You can also call your credit card company to see if everything is in place with your account and card.

Fix 3: Use the Nintendo Shop prepaid funds card instead

If you are a regular shopper on the Nintendo shop, you can make a very practical purchase of a Nintendo Shop Prepaid funds card.

This card helps you add funds in advance so that you do not have to enter the payment information at the time of purchase. 

These funds on the prepaid card can be utilized for hassle-free purchases in the future as well. It is a really well-designed setting for players who regularly visit the Nintendo e-shop and make purchases. 

You can find further information on how to add funds to the Nintendo Prepaid Funds card here.

Fix 4: Use a Paypal account 

If you are not able to make purchases on the Nintendo e-shop using your credit or debit card, you can also pay through a Paypal account.

Link your Paypal account to the Nintendo Account and the purchases that you make on the shop will now be charged to the Paypal account. 

This option, however, is only available to residents in the US, Canada, and Mexico provided that the users are above 18 years of age.

Fix 5: Check the Nintendo server

It is possible that you are using the right card, entering the correct credentials, and even having sufficient funds on your card but your purchase is still being declined with the error code 9001-2473.

This can be due to an issue with the Nintendo server. Nintendo server is ultimately handling a lot of players at the same time which can cause traffic congestion on the server. This leads to the server crashing and the platform will not respond to the pings of the users.

In this case, you can check the status of the Nintendo server through any down detector website available online.

If the server is down, you can only wait for it to go back up as the server issue cannot be solved on your side.

Fix 6: Are you using a VPN?

If you are using a Virtual Private Network to access the platform while making the purchase on the Nintendo e-shop, it is likely scenario that your purchase will be rejected.

This is because identification and authentication of your identity are not exactly possible when you are using a Virtual Private Network. This is why many platforms do not allow the use of a VPN while accessing their platform.

If you are also using a VPN, shut down the VPN and all the related processes in the background. Refresh the device and your connection. This might solve the issue for you as many other players have reported that it has worked for them.

Fix 7: Contact the Nintendo Customer support team

If you were making purchases on the Nintendo e-shop and suddenly the platform blacked out with the error code 9001-2473, make sure to take screenshots of the issue.

You can now raise a support request on the support page for Nintendo using these screenshots as evidence of the issue.

The team will contact you and refund you for any purchases made at the time of server outages if the payment went through. 

However, in most cases of the error code 9001-2473, the purchase does not go through in the first place. The team can help with that too.

To conclude

The error code 9001-2473 on the Nintendo e-shop is an issue which is related to the 3-D secure authentication failure on the platform.

As a result, your purchases will not go through. We have mentioned the reasons for the error code as well as the solutions that can help with it. 

Hopefully, we were able to get you out of the error code 9001-2473 on Nintendo. Keep following for more technical and gaming advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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