How To fix Nintendo eShop Error Code 2813-9404?

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How To fix Nintendo eShop Error Code 2813-9404?

Are you having the error code 2813-9404 with Nintendo eShop? If yes then in this post we are going to share the possible workaround to fix this error.

How To Fix Nintendo eShop Error Code 2813-9404?

Fix 1: Server Issue

Nintendo eShop Error Code 2813-9404 is clearly an issue related to the Nintendo server outrage. And to get rid of the error all you can do is wait till everything gets back to normal with the Nintendo server.

So whenever you get this error you just need to visit here and check if there is any maintenance or issue with the Nintendo server. If yes then you have to wait till things get back to normal.

Fix 2: Restart Console

If in case there is no reported outrage with the Nintendo server but you still receive the error then try restarting your console.

And if restarting the console doesn’t help with the error then directly contact the Nintendo support team to report the error.

If in case the error is from the Nintendo side then the support team will update you about it otherwise, they will provide you proper guidance to fix the error.

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