How To Enable/Disable Dark Mode For Nintendo Switch?

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Are you tired of playing games on a white background? Or you don’t like playing in the light background in the dark? If so, then there is good news for Nintendo Switch users.

Now Nintendo Switch has a dark mode option, so you can enjoy your favourite games on Nintendo Switch in a dark theme.

How To Enable/Disable Dark Mode For Nintendo Switch

How To Turn On/Off Dark Mode For Nintendo Switch?

  • Go to your System Settings on Nintendo Switch
  • From the left sidebar, choose Themes
  • Choose “Basic Black” for dark mode, and “basic white” for light mode

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Are There Any Advantages Of Using Dark Mode On Nintendo Switch?

There are different groups of people who are crazy about Dark Themes. According to companies who are implementing dark themes on their device, Dark Mode has so many benefits, and it saves so much battery. But many research has been published that all of their claims are not accurate. Yes, it’s true that Dark Mode saves some amount of battery in comparison to the light theme, and it’s very much eyes friendly when you use your device in the dark. But there are so many users who still like light themes over the dark theme, and I am one of them.

Are there any other Nintendo Switch themes available? 

As of now, there is no other theme option available for the Nintendo Switch. There are just two theme options “basis white” “basic black”. But yes, in future, there are possibilities that we witness some more theme options.

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