How To Fix Now TV Error Code 24?

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If you are having the error code 24 with the Now TV then in this post we are going to talk about this error and will share possible workarounds which you can try to resolve this error.

How To Fix Now TV Error Code 24?

This error comes with the message: “Something’s not right. Give it a moment, or check for updates (Error code 24).”

As per the information shared by Now TV, this error code means that you don’t have the required membership to watch that particular title. It can also mean that your Membership expires and you need to renew it.

So if you receive this error then the first thing you need to do is to check if you have the active membership to watch the title for which you are having the error.

To check your membership simply visit the My Account under Now TV.

What If You Have An Active Subscription?

There is one thing that is very interesting, some users are still having the error even if they have an active membership.

In that case, this error can be caused because of any technical glitch with the Now TV system, or if their system is having some kind of outrage. So wait for some time and then try again.

But if the error continues for too long then get in touch with Now Tv support to report the error.

Additionally, make sure that your internet is working, and you don’t have any pending updates for the Now TV.

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