How To Fix Now TV Error Code OVP 00009?

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Now TV Error Code OVP_00009

Recently so many users are reporting the error code OVP_00009 with the Now TV while streaming any content. And this error is occurring on all kinds of devices.

On Twitter many users have complained about the error to Now TV, below you can see the screenshots.

This explains that it’s a system-wide error coming from the Now TV which means that there is nothing wrong with your device. Instead it’s the Now TV system that is having some kind of problem.

How To Fix Now TV Error Code OVP_00009?

When we visited the Now TV Twitter handle we found some responses from the Now TV team where they mentioned that they have identified the error and their team is working on the error to fix it ASAP.

Below you can see one response from the team Now TV where they have confirmed that this error is coming from their end.

So all you have to do is to wait for some time till the error gets resolved by the Now TV team.

Meanwhile, make sure you are using the latest version of the Now TV, and your internet is working perfectly fine with good speed.

Also, we will recommend you report the error to the support, as mass reporting of the error will force the developers to fix the error ASAP.

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