What Does it Mean “The Number You Dialled is Not a Working Number”?

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The Number You Dialled is Not a Working Number

Trying to call someone after some time is passed and you are met with the automated message saying, the number you dialed is not a working number, you will readily cut the call and think that the person you are trying to call may have changed their number. 

But is it necessary that the person you were trying to call has changed their number? This becomes even more puzzling when the number belongs to someone who you meet in daily life and they tell you that they still have the same number.

Can any other errors cause this automated message to appear? Could this be a mistake?

In this article, we will explore what does it mean “the number you dialed is not a working number”? Let us first explore the causes and then immediately after, in the next section, we will explore if there are any solutions that you can try.

What Does it Mean “The Number You Dialled is Not a Working Number”?

Reason 1: The person has changed their number

Let’s go with the most plausible answer to this mystery. It is possible that the error message that you are receiving is actually legit and the person that you are trying to reach has actually changed their number. 

If you are calling someone for the first time and you get this error, you can also gather that the person might have given you the wrong number on purpose so that you do not call them.

This happens when a person is too polite to decline but also does not want to keep in contact with you.

Reason 2: You have dialed the wrong number

If you do not have the number saved on your phone and are dialing it, then it is possible that you may screw up one or more digits.

This discrepancy may lead to you getting the warning of the number not being available. To double-check, run the number on a reverse phone number lookup tool like this one and make sure you are calling the right person.

Reason 3: You have not added the correct area code

In every place in the world, the regions have specific area codes that need to be added with the number you dial to get to the number.

Only getting the number right is not enough. The area code should be accurate as well.

Reason 4: The Person you are calling has misplaced their device or SIM card

If the person that you are trying to reach has lost their SIM Card and it has gotten damaged, you will get the automated message of the number not being in use because now it is a free number.

What can you do If You Get “The Number You Dialled is Not a Working Number”?

In the above section, we have seen that it is very little you can do when it comes to this error on dialing someone.

There are a few options that you can try. Let us discuss some of them.

Fix 1: Check the number that you are dialing

It is possible to be pompous and disregard that you have not entered a wrong number while dialing but this is a very common mistake and anybody can make it. There are some honest mistakes that can literally blindside anyone when dialing a number. 

Even if you mess up a single digit on the number, everything changes. Whenever you get this automated error message, you should look at the possibility of messed-up digits and dial again.

Fix 2: Check the area code

If you are calling from a region that you do not reside in or do not visit frequently, it is really hard to remember the exact area code for calling someone.

It is also possible that someone gave you the wrong area code or the code that you have is now changed. In such cases, go on Google and you can get the exact area code for the place that you are calling from.

Fix 3: Number has changed

If the person that you are trying to call has actually changed their number or someone gave you a number that was wrong just to get away from you without being awkward, there is nothing that you can do.

If the number belongs to someone that you see on a daily or regular basis, you can make them aware of the issue that you are facing while dialing their number and they will help you with the correct number if they want to stay in touch.


The automated message that the number you are dialing is not a working number, is not a technical error. This can be a result of wrong digits dialed, or the wrong area code entered.

In some other cases, the number may have actually changed but none of these reasons should worry you as there is nothing much you can do. If a person is important enough to call, the chances are that you already see them on a regular basis.

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