Why does one Of Your AirPod die faster than other?

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One AirPod Die Faster Than Other

If your Apple AirPods are giving you trouble, where one dies faster than the other. Then, the good thing is that you are not at all alone.

This is one common problem which many AirPod users have complained about and has rather been quite an often seen scenario with most AirPods out there.

In the following article on “Why does one AirPod die faster than the other?”, we shall not only be discussing the reasons as to “Why” it happens but also list out in detail all the possible “Solutions and Fixes” out there with whose help you can look forward to fixing the particular issue on your own in no time.

Causes and reasons behind one AirPod dying faster than the other

Let me explain here why your AirPods might be suffering from the above mentioned issue in the first place. Now, there may be a number of reasons why one of your AirPods are draining out faster than the other.

It may be due to some hardware malfunctioning or some wrong settings you might have configured or can also be caused due to a simple reason like using one pair of AirPod more than the other. 

Below, I have tried listing out some of the very common and primary reasons behind such an issue.

Reason 1: Using one more than the other

When you use one more than the other, it is just quite obvious that the one in use most often will drain faster than the other. Now, you have to understand that each AirPod in a pair comes with its own distinct battery installed inside of it. 

Therefore, using one more than the other or not together at the same time, might cause an imbalance in battery life cycles between them, resulting in such an issue to arise.

Reason 2: Your AirPods battery might be affected or damaged

The second very common reason why such an issue of imbalance may be experienced is when the battery of one of the Airpods might be damaged, either due to some kind of manhandling or malfunctioning.

In such cases if it is a very critical hardware fault, then the best option out there would be to contact your customer care if under warranty or ask them to kindly repair it.

Reason 3: Your Airpods charging case may not be working properly

There may also be times when your charging case itself might not be working properly. This can either be due to some hardware damage with the case or simply because the point or port through which your AirPods gets charged are not clean or have some kind of obstruction in between it.

If it is a hardware issue, then once again the best option is to contact Apple’s customer support. However, if it is just an issue of the inside of the case being dirty. Then, simply cleaning it every once in a while should solve the issue. 

NOTE: This cause should only be considered if at the time of charging or after charging your AirPods, one is charged less than the other when plugged out of the case.

Reason 4: One of your AirPods mic may be more in use than the other

Well, it is true that there are mics on both sides of your AirPods. But, which side has its mic enabled for use all depends on Settings you may have configured too or which side you put in first.

Depending on these factors, when one side is set to work as a mic more often than the other, there may be an imbalance in battery drainage between both the sides.

Reason 5: Your AirPods may not be configured well

Something like what you had seen in the earlier case. If your AirPods are not configured properly as to which one would be used to use Siri or which one would be used to pause and play songs and tracks and so on. There may be issues with battery drainages.

Reason 6: Manufacturing defect

If all the above mentioned reasons are not responsible for your unsynced battery drainage. Then, the problem may very well lie at the source itself, that is a manufacturing defect at the time of purchase.

If so, then the very best option at hand would be to contact your Apple Customer Care and talk to them about your grievances and ask them for a replacement.

How to fix If one AirPods dying faster than the other?

Fix 1: Disconnecting and Reconnecting your AirPods

Simply disconnecting and reconnecting your AirPods to your iPhone at times can do the trick. 

You can also try Unpairing your AirPods from iCloud and then set them up as new. Unpairing and setting them up again as new has seemed to work for many users out there who had faced similar draining issues on their devices as well.

Fix 2: Resetting your AirPods

If Disconnecting and reconnecting does not seem to do the work, then you can try resetting your AirPods. You can do this by following the steps mentioned in the step by step guide published on the official apple support website.

Fix 3: Try cleaning up your AirPods Case charging port

Well, if there is a problem right from when you try to charge them with the help of your AirPods case. Then most probably the problem lies somewhere with your AirPod case or the port where it connects the case to a power source.

If there is dirt or any kind of obstruction in between the two points, either inside the case or even outside. Then, cleaning it up with the help of a dry brush or cotton swab should do the job.

However, if there is a fault or damage to the case. Then, contacting customer support or going to your nearest Apple’s store to get it fixed would be most convenient.

Fix 4: Configure your AirPods settings

This is a method which you can try out if you think that one of your AirPods is taking more load than the other. As you might already be aware, your AirPods can be configured on what to do when you tap on them according to your choice. 

Try to configure the function settings of your AirPods in such a way that it is optimised and both share the same load while using them. Moreover, if you feel like one side drains faster than the other.

Then, you can try shifting the load of functions to the other or simply disable functions of the one side which drains faster than the other.

Fix 5: Disabling Siri 

Having Siri enabled and configured to operate through one of your AirPod can actually result in greatly draining the battery out of that side.

If that is the case, then disabling Siri altogether might help bring the sync and balance between battery use for both sides equally.


As you go on using your AirPods, due to the constant difference in battery life cycles between both the sides of your AirPods, there may be a time when this problem just cannot be avoided and you just have to bear with it. 

However, if this issue shows up with a brand new pair of AirPods that you just purchased, then depending upon whether the problem is due to hardware issues or software issues, you can simply ask for a replacement.

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