How To fix OneDrive Error Code 103?

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OneDrive Error Code 103

It’s very strange that so many users are reporting the error code 103 with the OneDrive but as of now while we are writing on this error there is no official information as to why this error is occurring and how you can fix this.

But during our research, we have come upon different threads in the Microsoft community where users have shared the fixes for this particular error.

We have found that with this error users are unable to access their files on their OneDrive account after changing their password. Even some users are unable to log in to their OneDrive account.

We also have noticed that this error is haunting the users in so many different ways.

How To Fix OneDrive Error Code 103?

Fix 1: Clear The Browser Cache

  • Go to your browser settings, and clear the browser cache.
  • Once the browser cache is cleared, close the browser.
  • Then restart your device.
  • Now check if you still have the error.

Fix 2: Deleting Cookies (For Firefox Browser)

If you are using the firefox browser and having this error then try deleting the cookies.

  • Go to browser Settings.
  • Go to Privacy & Security.
  • Choose Cookies & Site Data.
  • Choose Manage Data.
  • Then Search for
  • Then Remove Selected.
  • Choose Save.

Fix 3: Use Edge Browser

If you still have the error then try using the edge browser.

During our research, we found that this troubleshooting helped the most number of users.

  • Use the Edge browser to log in to OneDrive. And it should open ok.
  • Then close the Edge browser, then go to your default browser and try login in with OneDrive.

This solution sounds funny but trusts us this solution fixed the problem for many users.

Fix 4: Check All The Browser Extension

If you still have the error then go to your browser and check all of the installed extensions.

Simply disable all of the unwanted extensions, especially if you have an adBlocker.

Then go to OneDrive and check for the error.

Fix 5: Wait For Some Time

If you still get the error then this may be because of any temporary error with the OneDrive system.

Some users in the Microsoft community have mentioned that they didn’t do anything other than wait, and the problem gets resolved itself the next day.

Fix 6: Report the Error

If no matter what you do, you still get the error then report the error to OneDrive support.

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