How to Connect (Pair) AirPod with Chromebook?

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AirPods are Apple’s product which runs on Bluetooth. Since they are connected through Bluetooth, they can be connected with Chromebook which runs on Chrome OS but still supports Bluetooth connection to any device.

How To Connect (Pair) AirPod With Chromebook

Chromebook can be connected to Airpods with the help of Bluetooth as any other wireless headphones or speakers.

In this post, we will tell you the process to connect your Airpods with Chromebook.

How to Connect AirPods to your Chromebook?

  • Click on the clock icon at the bottom right corner of your Chromebook screen.
  • Now click on the network icon, which will show you wifi options, Bluetooth device notifications, and more.
  • Now make sure your Chromebook’s Bluetooth is ON.
  • If it is not on, click on the arrow under the Bluetooth name and icon. Click on the toggle to turn on the Bluetooth, once it is on, the toggle will turn blue from black.
  • Once Bluetooth is on, it will start searching for nearby wireless devices.
  • Open the case of Airpods to get it connected to Chromebook Bluetooth.
  • If your AirPod is not showing then press the small button on the back of the Airpod case.
  • Once your Airpod is visible on Chromebook, click on the Airpods name labeled.
  • A pop-up will come up, “paired devices”. It means your device has been paired with AirPods.
  • If in case you needed you can remove a pairing from settings.


There are numerous headphones available in the market which are compatible with Chromebook. Still, Airpods is one such headphone which has the best noise cancellation, and a compact design which helps in studies, and professional work.

Connecting Airpods with Chromebook is not a big task, it can be connected like any other wireless device. Chromebook due to its simple functioning makes things easy which seems difficult in the first place.

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