Panasonic LED TV Blinking Error Code | Details & Possible Fix

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Panasonic LED TV Blinking Error Code

If you have a Panasonic LED TV unit at your home and has suddenly stopped working.

Then this small guide is for you, where we will be discussing how to detect as well as find out the cause for such a fault to occur and solve the problem. 

To have your LED TV unit suddenly stop working and blinking of the LED indicator under your TV monitor can only mean one thing, i.e. there is something wrong inside your TV.

Here, the LED indicator has been designed in such a way that depending upon the number of blinks, it helps indicate what problem might be present in the Television unit.

And depending upon the cause, you can hence take the respective measures to solve it. 

Let us look in detail at what the various blink frequencies represent and how you can go on solving the issues on your own or with the help of Panasonic’s technical support.

Panasonic LED TV Blinking Error Code | Details & Possible Fix

1. One Blink 

If there is only a single blink from the LED indicator, then it means that there is an issue with the inverter circuit of the LED panel.

Solution: In such cases, a self diagnostic and fix is not possible and hence, should be either replaced or sent to the LED service center for repair. 

2. Three Blinks

When your LED indicator blinks thrice, then it means that there is an increased supply of current or voltage occurring in one or more DC supplies present on the AP board.

Now, this may take place due to some kind of short-circuit in the AP board for which an over-current flow may occur or a fault in the AP board itself, which may result in an over-voltage. 

Solutions: It can be repairable and does not need any kind of replacement of the board unit.

3. Four & Six Blinks

If you see the LED indicator blinking four times or six times in total, then a short circuit or an open circuit may be the cause for such an error. In such cases, this is too similar to the previous cause of AP boards.

Solutions: It can be repairable and does not need any kind of replacement of the board unit.

4. Five, Seven & Eight Blinks 

The LED indicator blinking Five, Seven, or Eight times may be due to a fault caused in the A Board producing MAIN +3.3V, MAIN +5V, and MAIN +9V.

Solutions: The fix in this case depends on the condition of the hardware and, depending upon that, it can either be repaired or replaced. 

5. Nine Blinks 

If the LED indicator blinks in total for Nine times, then there may be an issue with the Audio peripheral or Audio Output circuit.

The audio circuit, which too is located in the A board, may send this error message if there is a short circuit in the audio circuit or speaker component.

Solutions: In such a case, depending upon where the origin of the fault is, either a replacement of the components might be required, or simply repairing a unit can also be done.

6. Ten Blinks 

When the LED indicator blinks ten times, then a fault may have occurred due to a malfunctioning in the IC4200 or the frame converter.

Solutions: In such cases, since the IC is integrated into the A board itself, repairing it may not be very viable, so it should be replaced. 

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