How To fix Paramount Plus Error Code 31?

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In this article, we are going to discuss Paramount plus error code 31.

There can be many reasons behind this error code, but it is important to understand each reason so that you can apply the best solution that is possible in your situation. We will discuss it thoroughly in the next section.

How to solve the Paramount plus error code 31?

As we have mentioned before, there is no specific error prompt that you get with the error code 31. There can be many reasons for this error code and we will discuss each one of them for making the best decision according to your situation. These issues can include internet connection problems, account detail problems, blocked payment method problems, or running an outdated version of the app.

Here is what you can do.

Fix 1: Take a look at your internet connection

It is no surprise that Paramount Plus is a heavy online service. To handle this you need a stable and fast internet connection.

You might be able to connect to the platform, but you might not be able to stream anything and you will face playback errors if your internet connection is not fast, stable, and secure. 

 To test the upload and download speed of your connection, you can Google the internet speed meter. From the list of websites that you see, select the top-ranking result. Now run a test for your internet connection. 

You will now see a detailed report about your upload and download speed, and in some cases, some tools will also provide you with details about what can function properly through your internet connection. 

If there is a problem with your internet connection, you can take a look at your internet plan and see how much speed it provides you. You can change the internet plan if it is a problem and for other problems, you can contact your internet service provider.

Fix 2: Restart your router and modem

The router and modem are essential parts of a Wi-Fi connection. If you are facing problems with your Internet connection, your router and modem may be facing glitches. To get rid of this issue, you can try to restart your router and modem.

Fix 3: Take a look at your subscription plan

Active subscription plan to play content through Paramount Plus. If you’re facing a record 31 on your account, then you should check your subscription plan.

Take a look to see if your subscription plan is active or has expired. Also, take a look at the subscription plan’s details and see what content are you trying to play. Some content is not available to the low-tier subscription models. If you’re trying to play premium content without having a premium subscription in place, then you will not be able to play the content.

Fix 4: Check your payment method

Paramount Plus asks you to enter a payment method that they can charge your subscription on.

If you have entered a payment method that has recently expired or the card has been blocked, then you might not be able to continue with the services of Paramount Plus. Take a look at your payment method thoroughly and check that it has active payment opportunities.

If you find that the original payment method has expired or is no more active, you can switch your payment method to another one. This will solve the issue.

Fix 5: Force stop the app

If you are using the Paramount List app to stream the content, You should know that certain glitches on the app cannot be solved through a simple restart. 

If you’re trying to play content repeatedly and you do not see any other problem, the app might be having a glitch.

In case you can try to force stop the app. To force stop the app, go to your device settings and open the settings for the Paramount Plus app.

You will find the option of force stop here. After doing this, refresh your device, maybe even power cycle it, and then tried to launch the app again.

Fix 6: Update the app

If you are using the Paramount Plus app for streaming content, you must know that there are certain updates that you receive for the app at regular intervals.

These apps are really necessary for proper the functioning of the app as well as the addition of new features. On a platform like Paramount Plus, where they keep adding new content now and then, it is more important to update the app regularly.

When you face the error code 31, check if there are any new updates available for the Paramount Plus app and if you find a new update then immediately update your app.

Fix 7: Use a PC to solve the issues on TV

If you are trying to stream Paramount Plus content on a TV and you’re facing the error code 31, this is most likely related to the commercial that plays before the content.

Many users on Reddit have suggested the fact that if you are playing content that requires a commercial to play before the content, you will face the error code 31 on your TV. There is an easy workaround for this.

Log into your account on a PC. Play the same video that you’re trying to play on your TV, but this time get through the commercial on the PC. Now play the same video on your TV and it will start after the commercial. This has helped many other users get through the issue.

Fix 8: Use a PS4 instead of a Samsung TV

This is also not a solution but a workaround. Some users on Reddit have suggested that you should delete the app from your Samsung TV and try to play it on PS4 instead. If this error code 31 shows up on your Samsung TV while playing content, it is most likely that you will not face the same error code on PS4 and the content will run smoothly.

However, if you do not own a PS4, this solution is not for you.

Fix 9: Contact the customer support team

If you have tried all the fixes and workarounds that we have suggested above, but you can still not get rid of the error code 31 which is highly unlikely, you should contact the customer support team.

The Customer support team will register your complaint and help you personally. You can personally follow the ticket generated for updates on your error code resolution.

To conclude

The Paramount plus error code 31 is not a very well-explained issue. There can be many different reasons that could be causing the issue on your device.

We have mentioned all the solutions that are suggested by the official support as well as user forums like Reddit. We hope that this was helpful and you were able to get rid of the error code 31 without contacting the customer support team.

Keep following for more technical advice.

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