How To Fix PayPal error code 60017?

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PayPal Error Code 60017

Paypal has emerged as a great payment platform all over the world. They have the tools and connections to provide users with the best payment experience.

Usually, freelancers and professionals that source their payments from other countries also use the platform due to the ease of transfer that it offers.

However, the errors on this platform mean that you might be losing your money which is not a fun experience for any individual.

When you see an error code on the platform, you will see yourself rushing to Google to check if the error code has an immediate solution and we are here to help you with the same.

In this article, we will discuss How To Fix PayPal error code 60017? This error code is related to the shipping sector of Paypal. This means that you will not be able to create shipping labels if you are shipping anything through Canada post on Paypal.

The reason behind the error code as well as the solution for them will be discussed in the section below.

Let’s get you back into the efficient shipping process by eliminating the error code.

How to solve the error code 60017 on PayPal?

PayPal is not only known for payments but also for shipping in certain parts of the world. When you notice the error code 60017, this means that you are trying to create a shipping label to ship something through Canada post but you are failing at the process.

Why this happens and what can be the different solutions for the same will be discussed in this section.

Fix 1: Make sure to check your addresses

The address that you add to the shipping label should be clearly defined. When you try to create a shipping label, sometimes due to some bug, the address gets entered as “DEFAULT”

Make sure that none of your address boxes is labeled as default. Also, make sure that you enter the correct address to the last point of identification as this is important for the system to identify shipping.

If everything is okay with the address, try looking for other solutions on the list discussed below.

Also. if the addresses that you enter in the buyer’s address column are too long, they will be rejected. Split the address into two lines to avoid the problem.

Fix 2: Check the other information that you entered

Canada Post is very particular about the credentials entered into the shipping information. Given that if you are printing labels in bulk, there might be some errors and special characters might spill into the credentials accidentally.

If you enter any suspicious characters on the credentials, the shipping label is rejected and you will not be able to print.

Double-check all the information to avoid this from happening. This is the solution that has helped many users.

Fix 3: Check the insurance amount that you have entered on the label

Make sure that you enter the right amount for the insurance that is required on the shipping details.

This is an issue that many people overlook but Canada post will not clear the label in case of any discrepancies on the part of insurance calculations.

Fix 4: Makes sure you include phone number details

If you are shipping a package outside Canada, the new PayPal requirements are that you have to enter both the receiver and the sender numbers on the shipping information.

If you skip this step, you will not be able to print the shipping label.

Fix 5: Check the location that you are shipping to

If you are shipping to a location that is considered high-risk, PayPal might refuse to generate a shipping label for the same.

This is a decision that might not always be explained but is a factor. Check the address the make sure it is not high-risk.

Fix 6: There is a problem with the Canada Post server

If you contact the PayPal support team regarding the error, they will tell you that the Canada Post severe is the one with the error.

It might be irritating but the solution they will suggest in this case is to wait for the server to go back up and the bug will clear itself.

To conclude

The error code 60017 on PayPal is related to shipping difficulties in collaboration with Canada post.

We have mentioned the solutions that have helped other users get rid of the error code on their devices and hopefully they will help you too.

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