How To Fix Playstation Error Code 8002314A?

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Playstation Error Code 8002314A

Error code 8002314A is one such error code that users witness when they try to make a new account but as they hit the Confirm button they get this error.

During our research, we have found that this error occurs when the username is already taken, or if there is any glitch with the Playstation system.

How To Fix Playstation Error Code 8002314A?

Fix 1: Choose A Different Username

As I mentioned above, the main research behind the error is the username.

The username which you are choosing for yourself is already taken, but for some reason, PlayStation is not showing it, instead showing you the error.

Simply try using a different username and check if you still have the error.

Fix 2: Create The Account On Different Device

If choosing a different username doesn’t fix the error then simply try creating the account with another device, and once the account is created, use it on your Playstation.

Fix 3: Restart The Internet Playstation

Simply turn off your Playstation and router.

Now wait for around 60 seconds before powering on the Playstation and internet.

After that power on your PlayStation and internet, and check if you still have the error while creating the account.

Fix 4: Contact Customer Support

If you have used all of the given methods to fix the error code and are still unable to create your new account, then this is the best time to contact customer support of Playstation.

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