How To Fix Playstation Error Code CE-35287-5?

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Playstation Error Code CE-35287-5

The platforms like Playstation might sure be for gaming but they still take the authentication of the players very seriously.

There are mechanisms in place that make sure that the credentials of the players are verified and if they are not, the players are not allowed to enter the game or in some cases, even in their account.

The Playstation error code CE-35287-5 is related to the failure of credential verification of the player account. This usually happens when communication with the server is not established properly.

In this article, we will discuss the solutions for the issue. There are some solutions that were suggested by the official support and the other solutions are verified through trial and error with other players.

How to eliminate the error code CE-35287-5 on Playstation?

The error code CE-35287-5 on Playstation as we have established by now is an indicator of the fact that the server has not been able to verify your credentials.

The authentication has failed. This can happen due to a lot of reasons and we will discuss all of them with the solutions here.

Fix 1: The server is down

Even if you have all the credentials entered correctly, the authentication error could stem from a problem with the servers.

The PSN servers can sometimes go down when the players storm the site and congest the traffic. There is a certain threshold that the server can handle. Beyond that, the server crashes.

The server might also be down because the team is repairing something on the server. If the server is found to be down, you will have to wait for the developmental team to get the server back up before you can play.

You can check the status of the server for any downtime here.

Fix 2: Check your credentials

Since the credentials are unverified which is causing the error, it is always a good idea to check the credentials.

As passwords are case-sensitive, check the password carefully before entering. Also, take care of each letter and special character.

If you are having a hard time remembering the credentials, you can request a new password.

Fix 3: Check your internet connection

The most important thread that will help all the elements to connect, is the internet connection. 

If the internet connection is not stable, then you will not be able to reach the server for authentication.

Check the speed of your internet connection through an internet speed meter. If you regularly face problems with your internet connection, contact your internet service provider to look into the matter.

Fix 4: There is a glitch with the Playstation

The Playstation console that you are using could very well be the problem. The Playstation frequently runs into minor glitches. Sometimes, the reason could be overheating due to prolonged use, other times it could be because of unexplained reasons.

You can solve this through a simple power cycle on the console. You can power cycle the console by unplugging the console, leaving it alone for some time, and then plugging it back in.

If the glitch is severe and does not go away with a simple power cycle, you can also try a reset on the console.

However, make sure that you understand resetting your console will also erase all your preferences and you will have to set them again.

Fix 5: Check for updates on the Playstation console

The PlayStation console needs to be updated on a regular basis to get it in touch with the latest developments on the PlayStation server.

If you miss important updates on the console for a long time, the server might fail to recognize your console. 

When you encounter this error code, check for pending updates on the console.

Fix 6: Change the DNS settings on the console

The Domain Name System is an important component through which servers identify your device on the internet.

If the DNS settings on the device are messed up, the servers will have a hard time verifying your credentials. 

Change the DNS settings on the console to custom. Then enter the suitable DNS address to make sure that the settings are up to date.

Fix 7: Contact the Playstation support team

When none of the above-mentioned issues helped you get rid of the error code CE-35287-5, you shall contact the PlayStation support team.

The team will help you to see the issues that you might not be able to find out on your own. 

The tools at the developmental team’s disposal can also not be found elsewhere. Do not hesitate to contact the support team when nothing else makes sense.

To conclude

The error code CE-35287-5 on PlayStation is related to the authentication failure of an account due to the server connection not being established.

We have mentioned all the possibilities that could be behind this error code. 

We hope that this article was helpful. Keep following for more technical and gaming content.

Happy Gaming!!

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