How To Fix PlayStation Error Code np-34981-5?

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PlayStation Error Code np-34981-5

The PS4 is a great device to play numerous games with ease. There are so many games that are specifically designed for the Playstation interface that gaming enthusiasts pay a considerable amount of money for the device as well as the games that they play on it. There are also some in-game purchases that the players like to spend money on just because the games are so popular.

However, there are certain issues on the Playstation like the Playstation error code  np-34981-5.

These error codes make it really difficult for the players to enjoy what they have paid for. The error code np-34981-5 specifically is a licensing issue. 

There can be other reasons too that can explain this error code. We will discuss them in the next section where we will also discuss the solutions for this issue.

Let’s get into it.

How to solve the error code np-34981-5 on PlayStation?

As we have already mentioned in the section above, the error code  np-34981-5 on Playstation is a licensing issue for the most part but we cannot say that this is the only reason.

We will discuss the different reasons for the error code as well as the solutions that can help to eradicate these issues in this section.

Fix 1: The PSN maintenance schedule is causing the error

The Playstation module is a great feat in terms of technological development. With the huge player base they have, the company introduces new developments in the game regularly. There are also some unavoidable bugs in the game that are cleared out when the company records them.

All of this happens during PSN maintenance. If you are trying to play while this maintenance is going on, you will face issues with the and might see error codes like np-34981-5.

If the server is under maintenance, you will usually be notified beforehand. In case you have missed the update, you can also check this on the Playstation official website, or player forums. 

In case the maintenance is on, you will need to leave for a couple of hours and visit the platform later.

Fix 2: The Player Profile is not in sync with the server

The players have also reported the error code when the player profile is not in sync with the PlayStation server.

This is also the time when the PlayStation module will not recognize your account and it might show up in the form of licensing error codes like np-34981-5.

This is however a temporary glitch and you can solve that by restarting the game. You can also use an offbeat solution suggested by other players that suggests that you should delete a trophy. This action will cause the platform to resync your profile and the issue might be resolved.

Here is how you can delete a trophy.

  • Login to your account with the correct credentials.
  • Go to your dashboard.
  • Click on the menu that reads Trophies
  • Click on the X button to access the Trophy menu
  • You will see the list of trophies.
  • Find a listing that has zero trophies. This is because you can’t delete the listing that has earned trophies.
  • Click on the game that has no trophies.
  • Click on the options button
  • Click on Delete. You will find this on the right-side menu
  • Now start any game that you feel like starting. 

This might solve the error code  np-34981-5 for you.

Fix 3: Factory reset the PS4

If this is an issue that is deep-seated on the PS4, the only thing that you can do is try to factory reset the device and see if the issue gets resolved.

Before you try this step, make sure that you have tried all the solutions that are listed above because this step will delete all your accounts and account-related preferences from PS4.

You will have to enter all your preferences from scratch. This is why we recommend that you should back up your data before you execute the factory reset on the PS4.

Fix 4: Contact the PlayStation support team

The PlayStation module has a great support team and they have dedicated professionals in the department who are just present to help you with any queries on the device or related games.

If you are not able to get rid of the error code np-34981-5 on PlayStation even after trying out all the solutions that we have listed here, you should raise a support ticket with the PlayStation support team.

They will provide you with personalized assistance that might help you get rid of the error code on the device.

Another thing that you can do if you are ready to try solutions from other players is, you can log into the player forums. Other players share advice on how they solved a particular issue on the device to help others with the same.

To conclude

The error code np-34981-5 on Playstation is usually attributed to the licensing issue on your profile.

However, other issues like server maintenance and glitches on the device might also cause this issue. We have mentioned the issues with their solutions to help you with the error code.

We hope that this was a helpful article and you are finally able to log into your PlayStation account with ease. 

Keep following for more gaming and technical advice. 

Happy Gaming!!

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