How to Fix Playstation Error Code NP-36206-7?

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Playstation Error Code NP-36206-7

Users may get the Playstation error code NP-36206-7 while playing any game or launching an app.

But during our research, we have found that this error mainly occurs with the Cold War Zone.

If you are troubled by this error then in this post we are going to share the possible workarounds to get rid of the Playstation Error Code NP-36206-7.

How To Fix Playstation Error Code NP-36206-7?

Fix 1: Check For General Things

First please make sure that your internet is working with good speed.

Then check if you have any pending updates for the Playstation or the game which you are trying to access.

Fix 2: Playstation Server Are Having Some Issues

If your internet is working fine and you don’t have any pending updates for the Playstation or the game/app then most probably this error is occurring from the Playstation end because of any problem with the Playstation server.

To check the Playstation server status you can visit here. You can also visit their official Twitter handle to check if there is any update for the server outage or maintenance.

If there is any server issue then you have to wait till it gets fixed.

But if in case there is no server outrage or maintenance then you can contact Playstation support to report the error.

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