How To Fix Playstation Error Code Ws-37505-0?

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Playstation Error Code Ws-37505-0

Playstation Error code WS-37505-0 usually occurs when the network connection between the PS console and its servers has failed. This issue has not been similar with every user.

However multiple users registered this error while booting up the PSN console or while logging into the console. If you are one of those users who are facing this issue on your PSN console then stick to this post to know the best fixes.

Possible Reasons For Playstation Error Code Ws-37505-0

  • Playstation or game server may down.
  • There is some temporary glitch with the Playstation.
  • PlayStation is unable to make a successful connection with its servers.
  • There is some issue with your internet.

How To Fix Playstation Error Code Ws-37505-0?

Fix 1: Check PlayStation & Game Server Status

If the PlayStation or Game server is down due to any reason then you can get this error code. So check their server status, if they are up or not.

Checking their server status is easy. Just go to and search for Playstation & games to find their server status.

if you find that their server is down then please wait till the server is back to normal.

Fix 2: Test Internet Connection of the PlayStation

You might be getting this error if your gaming console is not able to make a successful connection with its servers. So perform your PlayStation internet test.

  • go to console Settings.
  • Choose Network.
  • Then choose “Test Internet Connection” and wait until the test completes the probe.
  • Once the test completes, go to PlayStation and check if the WS error has gone or not.

Fix 3: Power Cycle PlayStation Console and Router

The error code can also occur if there is any temporary glitch with your internet or console. So please power cycle your console and router to check if it fixes the issue.

  • Shut down your router and PlayStation console.
  • Once shut down, unplug your router and PlayStation console power cable.
  • Let it rest for 5 minutes, then connect the router and PlayStation console power cable to the power outlet, and let them boot up properly.
  • Once done, check if the error code WS-37505-0 has gone or not.

Fix 4: Change the DNS Settings of the PlayStation

  • Go to PlayStation Settings.
  • Then open the Network section.
  • Click on “Setup Internet Connection”.
  • Select the connection type “LAN” or “WI-FI”.
  • Next, go to Custom.
  • Then set the IP address field to Automatic. 
  • After that choose “Do Not Specify” for the DHCP Host Name field and for DNS choose Manual.
  • Now set the DNS values as per your wish.
  • Then select “Do Not Use” for the Proxy server and select Automatic for MTU Settings.
  • At last click on “Test Internet Connection” and wait till the test completes.
  • Now launch the PlayStation and check if the error has gone or not.

Fix 5: Try to use the LAN connection

If your PSN console accepts the LAN connection via ethernet cable then try connecting it and check if it solves the issue.

If that doesn’t solve the issue then disconnect the LAN and connect it back to WI-FI. Try connecting the LAN cable again and check if the error has gone or not.

Fix 6: Use Other Network

Error code WS-37505-0 on your PlayStation can occur if your ISP is blocking the traffic between the console and its servers. In such cases switching Networks might work.

Simply disconnect it from the existing network and connect to Mobile Hotspot or some other WI-FI network.

Launch the Playstation again and check if the error code WS-37505-0 has been wiped out or not.

If the PlayStation is working okay with the other network then contact your ISP and complain about the issue.

Fix 7: Contact Playstation Support

If you have tried out all of the given troubleshoots and are still facing the same issue then this is the best time to contact PlayStation Support.

You can register your complaint via the Help section on your PlayStation app, or you can also visit the Official website of Playstation.

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