How To Fix Playstation Error Code ws-38481-4?

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Playstation Error Code ws-38481-4

If you are seeing the following ws-38481-4 error code on your Playstation consoles. Then, chances are that you are seeing it due to a server issue or some problem with your internet connection. And since you are already here reading the following article on, “Playstation error code ws-38481-4”, you are already half way in solving the error on your own and in no time.

Simply follow the solutions as mentioned below, and you should be good to go.

Fixes For Playstation error code ws-38481-4

Fix 1: Check Server Status

The very first and foremost thing to check before heading to the rest of the solutions mentioned below, would be to see whether the issue is at the server end or at the client’s end, that is you.

If the error is being caused due to an issue at the server end. Then, there is actually nothing much you can do, but simply sit back and wait for the issue to be taken care of at the server end itself.

However, if the server’s health is fine and working properly. Then, you can be certain that the problem lies at your end and you can then try the solutions below to troubleshoot the error and solve it.

Hence, to check the status of your PS server. You can see that by going to the following link.

Fix 2: Restart your PS console

Once you have checked that there is no issue at the server end. Then next, you can try restarting or rebooting your gaming console to see if doing so helps fix the issue. 

If the error is occurring due to a temporary glitch or bug within the console system. Then, simply rebooting your consoles is all that is needed to solve the particular issue and get rid of the error.

Fix 3: Check your internet connectivity

Another very common reason as has been mentioned above why such an error may occur would be due to an unstable internet connection or a slow one. 

And if that is what is happening in your case. Then, changing to a different subscription plan or a different ISP service that provides a faster and more stable internet connection should be one option for you, if talking to your current ISP provider does not work for you.

However, changing your subscription plan or your ISP provider should only be done if none of the solutions listed below work for you and you are convinced that the error is being caused as a result of an unstable or slow internet connection.

Fix 4: Change the Wifi bandwidth to 5 Ghz

Many users facing the issue on their respective consoles have reported that changing their Wifi bandwidth from automatic to 5 Ghz helped them fix the error. 

Hence, you can try changing your router’s settings from the default automatic settings for your Wifi bandwidth to one with 5 Ghz, and see if doing so helps fix the issue. 

To avoid any confusion you should look up for the steps to changing your wifi bandwidth on your own. This is because the steps to changing the wifi bandwidth may differ from one type of router to the other. Hence, it is not viable to list out the steps for each and everyone of such network devices here. Hence, it is best you search up for the steps on your own.

Fix 5: Try changing your DNS settings

Just like how you would look up for the steps on your own to change the wifi bandwidth. For the following solution too, in order to change your DNS settings, you will need to check the steps from the internet on your own.

If you are facing the PS4 WS-38481-4 error message on your PS4 consoles. Then, trying to change the DNS settings to manual and changing the primary as well as the secondary DNS address to and, should help solve the issue. 

However, if all of the above solutions do not seem to do the trick for you in solving the following error. Then, it is best that you directly try contacting PS4’s Customer Support and discuss a solution with their help desk representatives.

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