How To Fix Playstation Error Code ws-43680-1?

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Playstation Error Code ws-43680-1

As per the user description, the error code ws-43680-1 stops the users from accessing the store or playing online.

There is no information shared on the psn website about this error but we have done our research from different forums and communities, and we have found much information which we are going to share below in the article.

How To Fix Playstation Error Code ws-43680-1?

Most of the time it’s the Playstation server that is causing the error because of traffic overload.

So the first thing you need to do is to visit the PSN Server Status Page, and check if they are showing any issues with any of their services. If yes then wait for some time and try again.

If in case the Playstation server status page is not showing any update then we will suggest you restart your Playstation device with your router. To restart your device and router, completely shut them off for a minimum of 5 minutes and then power them on.

If restarting doesn’t do any good then try resetting the Internet connection settings on PlayStation and then perform an Internet connection test.

Try This Trick

This workaround was shared by a user on Reddit who claimed to fix the error by going into privacy settings and then back out.

Playstation Error Code ws-43680-1

If this error still exists then it’s definitely the traffic overload that is causing the error. So will suggest you to wait for some time and try again. We are saying this because many users have confirmed that waiting for some hours and trying again fixes the error for them.

Playstation Error Code ws-43680-1

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