How To Fix Playstation Gift Card error code ws-45485-6?

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Last Updated on July 24, 2023

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Playstation Gift Card error code ws-45485-6

Recently users have started getting error code ws-45485-6 while redeeming their Playstation Gift Card.

If you are getting the same error then read our detailed research over Playstation Gift Card error code ws-45485-6.

How To Fix Playstation Gift Card error code ws-45485-6?

This error code mainly occurs because of the issue from the Playstation’s side, not the user’s.

There is no official information shared by Playstation on this topic so we visited their Twitter page and there were so many users who have tweeted about this error. And in response, Playstation was requesting the users to send them a direct private message. It clearly indicates that Playstation knows that there is something wrong from their side which is causing the error.

So our suggestion to you will be to get in touch with PlayStation support as they are the ones who can help you with the error.

Before contacting to Playstation Support we are sharing a few things which you should double,

  • You are doing everything correctly while redeeming your gift card.
  • If you have purchased the gift cards online then make sure that you are using the gift cards from the same region as your account.
  • If you have purchased your gift card locally then make sure it’s activated.

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