How To Fix Playstation Plus Error Code ce-117773-6?

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Playstation Plus Error Code ce-117773-6

Are you getting the error code ce-117773-6 on Playstation? If yes then in this post we are going to provide you with possible reasons behind Playstation Plus Error Code ce-117773-6, as well as also share the possible solutions.

Why is Playstation Plus Error Code ce-117773-6 Appearing?

Playstation Plus Error Code ce-117773-6 appears when users try to redeem cards or try to extend their subscriptions.

During our research, we find one GameSpot article where they confirm that Playstation is blocking the users and showing this error code when users are trying to access an already active PS Plus subscription, or users are trying to redeem cards or try to extend their subscriptions.

So if you are getting this error code on Playstation then in most of the cases it’s the Playstation that is blocking you and showing you this error.

How To Fix Playstation Plus Error Code ce-117773-6?

Fix 1: Wait For new tiers to launch

In an article PushSquare confirms that PS Plus Subscription Stacking Has Been Blocked by the Playstation.

Here is what PushSquare mentioned

Sony has officially confirmed that it has blocked existing PS Plus subscribers from stacking memberships prior to the release of its new tiers. In a sneaky update to an FAQ, the platform holder added the following language: “If you currently have a PS Plus or PS Now membership, due to changes we are making to the service prior to launch, you won’t be able to redeem a voucher code for that service until your existing membership expires and deactivates, or after the new PS Plus service launches in your area, whichever happens first.” Source

But you don’t need to worry about your card expiry as prepaid card don’t expire and the codes generated for online purchases has an expiry date of 12 months. So you just need to wait till Playstation launch their new tiers.

If still, you have some kind of doubt you can directly contact PlayStation support for more clarity.

Fix 2: Power Cycle The Playstation

If a Reddit thread some users have mentioned that they were able to fix the issue by power cycling the Playstation. So we will suggest you to do the same, maybe this resolves the issue for you too.

  • Power off Playstation.
  • Then unplug the Playstation power cable from the power outlet.
  • Now, wait for around 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Then plug in the Playstation power cable to the power outlet.
  • Now check if it fixes the error code.

Fix 3: Try This Hack By A Reddit User

So basically I was researching this topic and in a Reddit thread, one user mentioned this solution. Many users have also mentioned that they tried it and it fixes the issue for them.

We can’t confirm that this will 100% work for you or not, but I think you can give it a try.

So basically when you’re on the Home Screen have the ps subscription you want in your cart then go and find the tab that says “ps plus collection “ it’s gonna bring you to a screen that shows the games u get with ps plus click any game with the yellow plus it’s gonna bring you to another screen where it shows the subscriptions make sure it’s the same one in you cart or that you want and click purchase and you’re done. Source

Fix 4: Contact Playstation Support

If you have tried everything but still continuing with the error then you should contact Playstation support, maybe they have any updates for the error. Otherwise, they will try to figure out a solution for the issue.

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