How To Troubleshoot Plex Error Code s1001?

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As per our research, error code s1001 with Plx usually shows up when the video file you are trying to play has been corrupted, or when there is an issue at the server end.

Server issues can happen due to several reasons such as network issues, server outage issues, or missing video files.

If the issue is related to the server. Then, there is not much you can do to solve the error, but simply wait it out till the problem gets resolved at their end.

However, if you believe that the servers are up and running fine then, you can try the following methods as shown below, and see if any of them can help with the error.

Fixes For Plex Error Code s1001

Fix 1: Configure Pre-roll settings

Many users have pointed out that if for some reason the pre-roll settings have been disabled on your Plex program, then, such an error might show up as a result.

Hence, to deal with this. You will need to enable the pre-roll settings on your Plex and check to see if the error still persists. 

Moreover, along with this, you can also try deleting the Plex server library and reinstalling the app freshly to try and solve the following issue. 

Plex Error Code s1001

Fix 2: Retrieve files with rclone

If you are trying to retrieve files directly from the cloud or an external storage, and have deleted those files from your local drive. Then, such an error can occur as a result of Plex not being able to retrieve such data from such non-local sources. 

To deal with this, you can take the help of third-party programs such as rclone, to retrieve such files from the cloud easily and efficiently.

Plex Error Code s1001

Fix 3: Repair and Recover the Plex database

Repairing or restoring the database to an older one might also help solve the issue if the error is being caused as a result of the database being corrupted. 

In such cases, it would be a conventional approach to try and repair the corrupted database or recover an earlier version of the database that was not corrupted. 

Fix 4: Contact Plex Support

If none of the above solutions seem to work then contacting Plex support should help you deal with the problem more specifically.

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